One Day Payment for Marketplace Sellers

  • Don't Wait Weeks to get your payouts from Marketplace
  • Qashflo will pay your orders in only one day !
  • Ship out today and Get paid Tomorrow.
  • Without Guarantee or Personal Guarantee.
  • Eligibility in less than 12 hours
  • Commission: From 1% only

Discover Qashflo

Qashflo helps marketplace merchants to receive the payment of their sales in only day, without waiting for weeks. Watch the video now to discover more about our daily working capital solution for eCommerce sellers

Qashflo should be mandatory

Get Instant Cash from your orders and grow your sales up to 7 times !
Get Access to the most awaited service now !

We help sellers with instant working cash flow to fulfill day to day demands. 

 A single dashboard to access & manage all your data: Orders, Shipments, Payments, Funding.

We have the best software platform to solve your marketplace financing problems of delayed payouts.

2 days for your Eligibility
80% of our sellers are funded in less than 5 days.

 We request 6 months sales history, with a minimum of €20,000 monthly sales and an EU based company. You will receive your approval in 2 days based on your marketplaces performances, so no need for credit check.

 Our service costs € 199 / month + a commission on funded transactions, ranging from 1.5% to 2.5%.

Apply Online and Start tracking payments

Qashflo is a payment solution allowing sellers to collect their payments the next day after dispatch of orders.

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Qashflo Dashboard

Tech team worked on the most  easy to use dashboard to track all data at one place right from orders, shipments to payments as well as funding. They can check credit history also at the same place.

Dashboard to track Payments

Daily Instant Payments

How does Qashflo work?

We take pride in our transparent process and quick results for ecommerce sellers

Transparent Pricing

The service costs € 199 / month + a commission on transactions, ranging from 1.5% to 2.5%, based on your volume and performance on the store.

Fast Approvals

You just need to have an active seller account with a minimum 6 months of sales history. Average Sales from 10 to 20000€ per month & a registered office in Europe.

Signup & Get Started

Register online & create an account on Qashflo with your information. On approval you can connect your seller account to start receiving payments in your bank account.

What our customers say about Qashflo

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Apply to get quick payments and daily capital with us to grow your ecommerce business faster.

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Qashflo is a broker in banking operations and payment services registered with Orias under number 20005827

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