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Do you want to sell products for the home, DIY, household appliances or multimedia equipment? Cdiscount Marketplace is the reference marketplace for developing your online sales business. Discover our complete marketplace guide to learn more about the platform and its specific features.

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Cdiscount Marketplace : what is it?

Cdiscount's Marketplace is ideal for professionals who want to sell without building an e-commerce site, or add new opportunities to their online sales strategy.

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Why sell on Marketplace like Cdiscount?

Because it's France's leading e-commerce site, and you'll benefit from a very attractive traffic flow (23 million unique users per month). By setting up a Cdiscount store, you'll be able to boost your sales considerably and meet or exceed your business objectives.

Who can sell on Cdiscount?

All professional sellers can sell their products on Cdiscount Marketplace. Whether you're an independent retailer or a large company, the marketplace offers all the tools you need to grow your business.

What products can you sell on this marketplace?

On Cdiscount, you can sell products in a wide range of categories, whether new, used or reconditioned: home, computers, toys, sports, pet supplies, DIY...

Features of Marketplace Cdiscount

By launching your pro store on the Cdiscount marketplace, you'll be able to take advantage of all the platform's features to manage your online business.

Sell products

After registering, set up your product catalog on Cdiscount in just a few clicks. You don't need any web development know-how to create your online store from scratch. Create your product sheets and optimize them to be easily found by Internet users. Then set your stock parameters and select attractive visuals (video, photographs, etc.).

Promoting your Cdiscount store

To gain visibility for your products, you'll need to advertise. To help you, the French marketplace offers its own service called "Cdiscount Advertising Sellers". Easily create sponsored ads on the platform, display your ads on Google Shopping and benefit from Premium Ads campaigns to boost your traffic and conversions.

Manage your sales

The marketplace offers you intuitive and practical sales management through an API service, to automate your business: product file creation, offer updates, order management and CRM... You'll save time, offer a quality customer experience and develop your business with peace of mind. You can also use another management service partnered with the marketplace.

Shipping orders

At marketplace Cdiscount, you can manage your own shipments or choose the Octopia Fulfillment service. This logistics solution lets you delegate the storage, packaging and shipping of your products, as well as after-sales service, to Cdiscount. This saves you considerable time, allowing you to concentrate on developing your business.

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Specific features of Cdiscount Marketplace

Cdiscount commission rate

Like many marketplaces, Cdiscount's pricing is based on a monthly subscription fee and commissions on sales, calculated according to various criteria.

  • A single monthly subscription: priced at €39.99 ex-VAT per month. There's no time commitment, and you can add an unlimited number of products to your catalog. You also determine your own shipping costs.
  • Commissions on sales: for each sale, the platform charges a commission. Cdiscount commission rates vary according to the type of product (new or used/refurbished) and its category. The average rate is 15% for new products. The platform offers an online simulator to calculate the cost according to the specific features of the product.

Payment terms

Cdiscount offers a relatively more attractive payment schedule than other marketplaces such as Amazon Marketplace. You'll receive the money from your sales every 10 days or so (unlike some marketplaces where you have to wait up to 30 days to receive payment). Some third-party solutions, such as Qashflo, enable you to receive a cash advance as soon as the day after your shipments, to simplify your management and more easily develop your business.

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How to get started on Cdiscount Marketplace

Now that you know how marketplace works, it's time to get started. You can set up your store and start trading in just a few simple steps:

  1. Register as a professional seller on Cdiscount. You will need to read the general conditions of use and provide specific supporting documents (ID, KBIS, RIB of company bank account, etc.).
  2. Use the Cdiscount API to create your own store with detailed product information, or connect a partner sales management platform.
  3. Once you've received your first orders, you can ship your products using the Octopia Fulfillment service or your own process.
  4. Receive cash from your sales every 10 days or the day after shipment with a financing system like Qashflo.

So what are you waiting for to start selling on Cdiscount?

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