Darty Marketplace : the guide

Would you like to develop your online business and generate sales quickly? Take advantage of the visibility of an experienced marketplace and Darty's 36 million active buyers Marketplace. Our practical guide explains how France's leading marketplace works, and what you need to do to succeed.

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Darty Marketplace : what is it?

Marketplace Darty is an e-commerce platform on which thousands of professional sellers sell their products every day. The marketplace offers a wide range of departments: IT, electronics, household appliances, telephony, DIY, childcare, home care...

Marketplace Darty

Why sell on a Marketplace like Darty?

Because it's the leading marketplace for high-tech, household appliances and homeware. As a result, it enjoys very high traffic levels, with no fewer than 30 million unique visitors every month. It's an ideal sales channel for professionalsellers who want to reach customers who are ready to buy. What's more, when you register on this platform, you can also sell on Fnac Marketplace, part of the same group of companies.

Who can sell on Darty?

To sell on marketplace Darty you must be a professional and therefore have a business or company. Various criteria must be met to apply for registration:

  • Be registered with the Registre des Commerce et des Sociétés in France,
  • Comply with VAT regulations,
  • Manage your after-sales service in French,
  • Master the B2C sales channel.

What products can I sell on Darty?

On Darty Marketplace, you can sell products in the various categories listed above. In particular, the marketplace specializes in electronics and household appliances, but also offers different departments to enrich its range. These products can be in new, used or reconditioned condition.

Darty features Marketplace

By becoming a professional seller on the marketplace by Darty, you'll gain access to a wide range of features to help you open your store and manage your online sales business.

Vendor showcase

Once you have completed the registration and verification process, you can put your products online. Your store is made up of several tabs visible to Internet users:

  • Seller information: legal registration, warranties, general terms and conditions of sale...
  • Seller reviews: a collection of reviews left by your customers,
  • Seller's showcase: brings together your various product sheets.
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Technical support

To help you set up your Darty store, the marketplace provides responsive technical support. You can not only contact our advisors, but also access buying guides to help you optimize your product sheets and sales processes.

Darty API

To simplify your business management, a number of APIs are available: the Pricing API to define your prices consistently with those of other sellers, and modulate your offers according to the day, the Orders API to manage your sales and ship your products, the Messaging API to communicate with your buyers and set up a high-quality after-sales service...

Promotion & advertising

To attract visitors to your product pages and increase conversions, Darty Marketplace offers a range of marketing initiatives. You can set up sponsored product campaigns to appear at the top of searches, be featured in inserts in the Darty newsletter, distribute marketing banners on the marketplace...

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Want to know everything about Darty Marketplace, how it works and best practices? Discover our thematic guides on the subject.

What makes Darty special Marketplace

The Darty commission Marketplace

In order to take advantage of all the services offered by this marketplace, you must pay various sales fees:

  • A fixed monthly subscription of €49.99 excl. VAT (per marketplace ): this allows you to design your store and use all the platform's features and APIs. The rate is fixed and is the same for all sellers.
  • A commission on sales: Darty takes a commission of between 7% and 15% on each sale made. The rate depends on several criteria, such as the category of the item and its condition (new, used or reconditioned). Find out more in our guide to Darty sales fees.

The payment deadline for marketplace

On marketplaces, the money from your sales is not paid directly to you. It is first collected by the retailer and then paid out to the seller within a period of up to 30 days. The amount paid corresponds to your sales figures, minus the commission on sales. At Darty, the average payout period is 11 days.

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How do I get started as a Darty salesperson?

Now you know the basics about marketplace Darty. After the theory, let's get down to business by starting the registration process in just a few steps:

  1. First, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria set out in this guide.
  2. Create a pro seller account by filling in the dedicated form. You will be asked to provide information about your company: company details, VAT number, targeted product categories, feed manager used...
  3. Please wait a few days for Darty to analyze your request and validate your seller registration.
  4. Then log in to your Darty professional space managed by Mirakl.
  5. Fill in your seller profile and create your product sheets, remembering to optimize them to make them attractive and more likely to stand out in visitors' searches.
  6. Set up your delivery methods and connect any partner APIs.
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