Fnac Marketplace : the guide

To develop your online sales, using marketplaces is a strategic choice. With several million visitors a month, they represent a business opportunity not to be overlooked by any e-commerce seller. Fnac Marketplace is a benchmark platform that will enable you to rapidly increase your sales. Find out more in this practical guide.

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Fnac Marketplace : what is it?

Fnac is a benchmark brand, well known for its stores dedicated to electronic products, books and music. For several years now, the brand has also been active in the online sales market, with a marketplace that attracts millions of visitors every month: Fnac Marketplace.

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Why sell on Marketplace like Fnac?

Because every month, tens of millions of visitors come to the platform looking for products in a wide range of categories. So it's a great opportunity for any professional seller looking to sell their products. It is also part of the same Darty group Marketplace, so you can sell jointly on both marketplaces.

Who can sell on Fnac?

To be able to sell your products on Fnac Marketplace, you must be a professional and have a registered company. The prerequisites for opening a seller account are as follows:

  • Have a company registered with the Registre des Commerce et des Sociétés in France,
  • Comply with VAT regulations,
  • Offer after-sales service in French,
  • Manage the retail sales circuit (stock, sales, shipments)...

Which products to sell on Fnac?

Today, Fnac offers a wide range of categories at Marketplace : photos & cameras, computers, video games, music, films, books, TV, household appliances and even home, DIY and gardening.
Items can be offered in different states: new, used (as-is) or reconditioned (used refurbished).

Fnac features Marketplace

Becoming a professional seller on Fnac marketplace will give you access to all the platform's functionalities. You'll be guided through the process of creating your own store, optimizing your sales processes and developing your e-commerce business with peace of mind.

Vendor showcase creation

Once you've registered as a partner seller, you can put your products online and create your own Fnac shop window. This consists of various tabs. One section is dedicated to information about your company, so that visitors and customers can find out more about you. A second tab showcases your customers' opinions, to help Internet users assess your reliability and your offers. Finally, the showcase area itself highlights your various products for sale, with detailed product sheets.

Technical support

The Fnac Darty group is committed to helping its sales partners develop their online business. That's why on Fnac Marketplace, you'll have access to numerous guides and dedicated technical support to set up and optimize your shop window.

API Fnac

Take advantage of the many APIs offered by the marketplace to optimize your sales processes and manage your business more easily:

  • API princing: to help you define your prices and modulate them according to the market and other partner sellers,
  • Messaging API: interact with your visitors and buyers to provide information and ensure quality after-sales service,
  • Orders API: to optimize your sales management and product shipping.
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marketplace Fnac offers a range of features and options to help you increase your conversions. These marketing actions are paid for and take different forms: sponsored product campaigns, banner advertising on strategic marketplace pages, marketing inserts in the Fnac newsletter...

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What makes Fnac special Marketplace

Fnac commission Marketplace

Like most marketplaces, Fnac imposes two types of fees on its partner sellers:

  • A fixed monthly subscription of €49.99 excl. VAT (per marketplace ): this package gives you access to all the platform's functions and enables you to create your own Fnac shop window.
  • A commission on sales: A percentage of the sales you make on the platform is deducted before your turnover is paid out. The Fnac commission varies between 7% and 15%, depending on the product category and its condition (new, used, reconditioned).

The payment deadline for marketplace

On marketplaces, the money you generate through your online sales is not paid directly into your business bank account. It is first collected by the marketplace, then paid out periodically. On some sites, such as Amazon Marketplace, it can take up to 30 days from shipment to payment. On Fnac Marketplace, the average delay is 11 days. Even so, this represents a constraint, creating a cash flow gap.

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How do I become a Fnac sales partner?

To start selling on Fnac Marketplace, follow the registration and setup steps:

  1. First of all, check that you are eligible to become a professional salesperson on Fnac by referring to this guide.
  2. Register to become a pro seller on the dedicated form. You will need to provide a number of details about your company: address, VAT information, categories of items you wish to sell...
  3. Wait a few days for the Fnac Darty group to validate your request.
  4. Then log in to your Fnac professional space managed by Mirakl.
  5. Create your shop window and product sheets, remembering to optimize them.
  6. Set up your delivery methods and connect any partner APIs.
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