Marketplace ManoMano : the guide

Are you planning to develop an e-commerce business in the DIY or gardening sector? Marketplace ManoMano is THE marketplace for these sectors. An online sales platform where thousands of customers order products every day. You too can benefit from the many advantages of this sales channel to boost your sales and achieve your business objectives. Discover our dedicated guide!

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Marketplace ManoMano: what is it?

ManoMano is an e-commerce site on which numerous partner sellers sell products in the DIY, tools, decoration, furniture, garden and kitchen sectors. The brand positions itself as the leading European platform that "reinvents DIY (do it yourself), thanks to the active support of a community of passionate DIYers". If you too would like to reach this type of audience, consider selling on ManoMano.

Marketplace ManoMano

Why sell on ManoMano Marketplace ?

Because in 2020, marketplace ManoMano counted no less than 50 million unique visitors per month, 7 million active customers in Europe and sales of 1.2 billion euros. These impressive figures are attracting more and more professionals to sell on the platform.

Who can sell on ManoMano?

To become a partner seller on ManoMano Marketplace, you need to fill in a form. This allows the :

  • Make sure your products fit into their world,
  • Learn more about your pricing policy
  • Check that you offer quality customer service.

Only sellers with a company based in France in the following fields are eligible to apply:

  • Tools
  • Garden, pool and pet shop
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Electricity, lighting and home automation
  • Bathroom and plumbing
  • Construction materials, floor and wall coverings
  • Interior furnishings.

What products can I sell on ManoMano?

On this marketplace, you can offer for sale all products that fall into the categories listed above.
The majority of items are sold new, but the platform has recently added a "Second Life" tab to its site. The latter features used or reconditioned items, sold at up to 35% less than new. This development is in response to growing consumer demand for more responsible consumption.

Unlike other marketplaceManoMano's ManoManoPro platform is aimed at both private individuals and professionals.

ManoMano features Marketplace

By becoming a partner seller on marketplace ManoMano, you'll gain access to many of the marketplace's features.

Boutique vendeur

By joining the thousands of professional sellers on this e-commerce site, you too can create your own store. It takes the form of a page dedicated to your brand, on which you describe your business. All your product sheets and offers are centralized on your seller showcase.

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Tools to boost visibility

To help you gain visibility and develop your appeal, ManoMano Marketplace provides you with high-performance advertising and marketing tools: co-branded media campaigns, sponsored products, branding of the platform's home page or categories...

ManoManoFullfilment service

Are you short of time or staff to manage your shipments and orders? Access the MMF (ManoMano Fullfilment) service. A management solution including storage of your products in marketplace warehouses, packaging, shipping, tracking and delivery to your customers. A turnkey offer to optimize your business.

Activity export

The platform offers you a service to develop your business beyond France! Thanks to this solution, you can export your products to 6 countries and benefit from catalog translation, dedicated customer service in the destination language, VAT management...

What makes ManoMano special Marketplace

ManoMano commissions

As with other marketplaces such as Amazon Marketplace or Rue du Commerce, you pay ManoMano commissions as a partner seller. There are two types of commission:
A fixed monthly subscription of €100 excl. VAT/month for access to all marketplace features and services.
A commission on sales: a percentage deducted from your transactions by the platform. It ranges from 15% to 25%, depending on product category and condition (new, used, reconditioned).

The payment deadline for marketplace

Like most marketplaces, ManoMano collects the money from its sellers' sales and pays them back, subtracting its commission, on a periodic basis. Periodicity varies from one marketplace to another. ManoMano marketplace pays its sellers once a month (i.e. every 30/31 days), or twice a month depending on the option chosen (i.e. every 15 days or so).

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With Qashflo, enjoy D+1 payment on ManoMano Marketplace

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How do I become a ManoMano partner seller?

To start selling on ManoMano Marketplace, follow the registration and setup steps:

  1. Make sure you meet the marketplace's prerequisites: company established in France, VAT compliant...
  2. Fill in the form to create a professional seller account: you'll be asked to provide information about your product catalog, pricing policy, customer service... You'll also need to provide supporting documents, such as your Kbis or artisan card.
  3. Wait for ManoMano to validate your account and give you access to your partner seller area.
  4. You can now start setting up your ManoMano store and importing your products into your showcase.
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