A Major Player for 17 Years

10 million visitors visitors every month
More than 30 000 products sold every day
22 million members in France
1/3 French Internet users

Marketplace commission
Monthly Fee is from 39€ / month up to 499€ /month according to the plan that you choose

5,5% commission on Smartphone, Digital Camera, Speaker, Photo Lenses 9,5% commission on Sport Goods 5,5% commission on Computer and High Tech 5,5% commission on Drones 5% commission on Hoverboard

Payment terms

Payment every Monday and Thursday, based on the confirmed delivery of the products by the customer. Example: if a product is delivered and confirmed on Sunday, then it will be paid on Monday. The Payment takes around 3 days to arrive on your Local Bank. If the orders are not confirmed by the customer, then it will be paid within 23 days after the shipment date automatically, on the next Monday or Thursday If the Seller is VIP, we will be able to be paid within 3 days after shipment

Return Policy

Rakuten require a Local Return address for Returns Return Fees are at buyer expanse except if the product is defective. The buyer has 14 days after delivery to return the product. Over this 14 days, the buyer can return under the warranty period if the product is defective. Warranty period: 2 Years for New products, 3-6 months for Used or Refurbished

Shipping Policy

You need to ship out within 2 days max and insert the tracking the same day. The buyer won’t accept any additional fees like custom fees or any other fees. You need to deliver the buyer maximum within 7 days. The tracking need to be inserted ONLY when the order is shipped. The returns must be prepaid by the Seller when the Return is for a Defective product. Tracking Number: You need to generate a valid tracking number for each of your orders and fill it with the right carrier when confirming the shipping of the product. As a security, please add this tracking number in a message on the order.

Best Practice
To Become A Successfull Seller On Rakuten
To Become A Successfull Seller On Rakuten The number of products inside your selectIon: the wider, the better The content of your listing: insert texte, attractive pictures and bullet point for a quick overview of the product The attractive price policy compared with similar products The marketing tools used to Generate traffic on your listing
After Sales Service On Rakuten
You are in the obligation to answer customer’s messages under maximum 48 hours You make a commitment to settle as quickly as possible the customers complaints Please note that according to the law, every product has 2 years warranty if new. Every mention on a 1 year guarantee will be rejected in case of complain Mandatory to communicate in Local Language. Using Google Translate is strictly forbidden.
Fight Against Fraud And Fake Items
Counterfaits are strictly forbidden. In case of fake product, the order will be immediately refunded and the shop definitely deactivated. It will be the same in any case of fraud.
To Avoid Account Suspension
Rakuten can suspend your account anytime if they consider that your performance or if your product selection violate their general rules. According to C2Corner’s experience, we believe that Rakuten can suspend your account for the following reason (not limitative) The quality of your products or the Condition of your product does not match with your listing The claim Rate is over 5% The Return rate is over 5% The delivery time is too long The tracking are not moving The buyer feedback is 4.0/5 You don’t answer quickly enough to the buyer or you don’t solve the issues as fast as they request If your account is suspended on Rakuten In case your account is suspended for the first time, you will need to understand the main reason of your suspension and ask for a reinstatement
Here Is The Process
  • Analyze clearly your datas an identify the main reasons of your suspension on Rakuten
  • Analyze if you are able to improve the situation with some clear actions
  • Set up your action plan internally and test it
  • Write a clear action plan detailing the problems and the actions already implemented
Seller Eligibility – KYC

Rakuten KYC require the following documents to open a shop:

  • 1. Your Valid Company Business Registration official document
  • 2. A Valid scan of the owner’s ID or the owner’s Passeport
  • 3. Your European VAT Number
  • 4. Your Valid Phone Number. A representative of the marketplace might call you for a short interview
  • 5. A Valid and signed Statuts of Incorporation
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