Make one-day payment your growth engine.

Integrate Qashflo into your service offering, in just a few clicks.

Offer your customers a marketplaces sales financing solution through :

  • Marketplaces
  • Flow integrators
  • Marketplaces agencies
  • CMS
  • PSP
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With Qashflo, you choose
the partnership you want!

Qashflo Search Engine Optimization

You choose what you communicate on Qashflo

To promote Qashflo to your customers, you have a choice of several communication levels: newsletter, banner on your website, dedicated landing page, widget, etc. Our partnership and marketing team will provide you with all the necessary kits.

The benefits of this solution :

  • Soft integration lets you keep control of what you want to communicate
  • Ultra-fast set -up with our marketing kit
  • A centralized tool to monitor the relevance of our partnership
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qashflo referencement

Qashflo API standard

Integrate a Qashflo tab into your back office

Quickly implement Qashflo in the back office of your marketplace, by adding a tab dedicated to the One Day Payment system. Your sellers can access it directly from the navigation menu, and log in without leaving your marketplace website.

The benefits of this solution :

  • Rapid integration thanks to our turnkey API
  • Centralized tracking for the seller in a single space
  • A seamless customer journey from sale to cash advance to follow-up
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qashflo API Standard interface

Qashflo API white label

Benefit from the full power of our technology

Integrate our white-label D+1 payment system marketplace . Offer your sellers a financing interface branded in the colors of your marketplace. You'll be offering an additional service to build seller loyalty and boost sales.

The benefits of this solution :

  • A fully integrated solution for your marketplace
  • A more complete offering for your sellers
  • Smooth, convenient operation for your merchants
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