Boost your seller's sales with a D+1 marketplace payment solution

Integrate the Qashflo marketplace payment solution to give your sellers a D+1 money in advance and boost their business... and yours too!

  • More money for your sales force
  • More sales on your marketplace
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Payment Marketplace : why integrate Qashflo into your marketplace?

With our D+1 marketplace payment solution, your sellers will receive cash in advance the day after the shipment, without having to wait 15, 20, 30, or even 60 days.

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An asset for accelerating the growth of your sellers

  • A stable cash flow to develop their product catalog
  • More attractive supplier margins for improved profitability
  • Sales growth multiplied by up to X7 to exceed business targets
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A real opportunity for your marketplace

  • More sales for your sellers, resulting in higher revenue per merchant,
  • Satisfied, loyal sellers: better lifetime value for you and reduced churn,
  • A better rotation of cash offered to your sellers which attracts more sellers to your marketplace.

eCommerce payment: 2 solutions to offer cash advance to your sellers

To simplify the implementation of our marketplace sales financing solution, we offer two types of API integration. 

Qashflo API standard

Integrate a Qashflo tab into your back office

Quickly implement Qashflo in the back office of your marketplace, by adding a tab dedicated to the One Day Payment system. Your sellers can access it directly from the navigation menu, and log in without leaving your marketplace website.

The benefits of this solution : 

  • Rapid integration thanks to our turnkey API
  • Centralized tracking for the seller in a single space
  • A seamless customer journey from sale to cash advance to follow-up
qashflo API Standard interface

Qashflo API white label

Benefit from the full power of our technology

Integrate our white-label D+1 payment system marketplace . Offer your sellers a financing interface branded in the colors of your marketplace. You'll be offering an additional service to build seller loyalty and boost sales.

The benefits of this solution : 

  • A fully integrated solution for your marketplace
  • A more complete offering for your sellers
  • Smooth, convenient operation for your merchants
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Payment marketplace on D+1: how does it work?

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Would you like to offer your sellers our marketplace payment solution? Integrate the Qashflo API into your backoffice and choose the solution best suited to your needs. Sellers will be able to access our cash advance functionalities directly from your marketplace.

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Seller's side

Your sellers test their eligibility to activate the cash advance on D+1. Once authenticated, the marketplace payment solution finances them within 5 days. They then receive the cash advance resulting from their sales, the day after the goods are shipped.

Improve your merchant offer, let us take care of the rest!

By integrating our marketplace payment system into your marketplace, you benefit from all the advantages of cash advances, without the drawbacks.

In particular, we take care of : 

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Check vendor eligibility

Analysis of their sales history and verification of company profiles,

Analyze daily performance

Implementation of Vendor Scoring and Risk Management to optimize the use of our marketplace b2b and b2c financing solution,

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Advance your sellers' cash flow

Accelerated management of various online payment flows, without changing your current processes

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Manage reconciliations and commissions

Management of reconciliations between your payments and our advances, payment of overpayments, revenue sharing management.