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Qashflo evolves with the players in the marketplaces ecosystem.

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Discover an accelerated payment solution to help your sales force grow

Meet financing needs with a plug & play one-day payment solution.

Offer your customers a cash advance solution and gain a competitive edge.

Integrate a sales financing module into your product and make life easier for your customers.

Add one-day payment and position yourself as an expert in financing solutions.

Why are marketplaces integrating Qashflo?

  • Increase your sales force's sales
    Offer your sales staff a cash advance and a more regular cash flow, so they can develop their sales.
  • Increase your revenue per merchant
    Thanks to better cash rotation, your merchants can increase their growth by a factor of 7, thus boosting your marketplace.
  • Tailor-made integration
    Qashflo can be easily integrated into your ecosystem thanks to our open API, in standard or white-label versions.
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Qashflo Marketplace Partners

Why do flow integrators choose Qashflo?

  • Meet your customers' financing needs too
    Bring a financing solution to your vendors without heavy technological investment and with a high-quality, risk-free solution.
  • Increase your revenues
    Differentiate yourself from other integrators while generating more revenue thanks to the increase in the number of GMS sellers (more references, more connected marketplaces, more orders...).
  • Experts at your side
    Our teams of marketplaces specialists will support you throughout your financing solution integration project.
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Why do marketplaces choose Qashflo?

  • Be the pioneer
    Get ahead of the game by offering your customers a D+1 financing solution for marketplaces sales.
  • Expand your service offering
    Integrate a one-day payment solution and position your agency as an expert and forerunner of the best solutions and technologies for your customers.
  • Expand your business
    Offering Qashflo means real growth for your customers, and potentially more investment in your agency to boost its business.
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Illustration Agencies

Why do CMS integrate Qashflo?

  • Add one-day payment to your offer
    Integrate a one-day payment module into your CMS solution and help your sellers generate more GMS.
  • Get a head start
    With a marketplaces sales financing service, you'll stand out from the competition!
  • Boost their sales and yours
    A seller with more cash is a seller who will spend more to improve the performance of his site, and opt for new modules.
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CMS and Qashflo

Why do PSPs choose Qashflo?

  • Offer 360° payment solutions
    Integrate a one-day payment solution and offer a financing package to complement your service!
  • Be the pioneers and experts in payment solutions
    Be experts and pioneers in the ecosystem of payment and financing solutions for marketplaces.
  • Boost your revenues
    A seller who develops his business with one-day payment will use your solution more frequently. You'll generate more revenue with Qashflo.
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