Marketplace Rue Du Commerce: the guide

With over 75 million visits a year and 1,300 partner sellers, marketplace Rue du Commerce is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in France. It is a real conversion lever for thousands of merchants, so why not you? Discover our practical guide to understand how the platform works and prepare your launch as a Rue du Commerce seller. 

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How Rue du Commerce works Marketplace

Rue du Commerce is a marketplace launched in 1999, this e-commerce platform enables sellers to offer their products to millions of visitors. It focuses on quality, variety and competitive pricing, offering consumers a complete shopping experience with flexible delivery options and dedicated customer service.

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Why sell on marketplace Rue Du Commerce?

You'll benefit from high visibility with over 1.6 million active customers and around 2.7 million visitors per month. By creating your store on this marketplace, you'll be able to quickly generate conversions and develop your sales over the long term. Rue du Commerce is

Who can sell on Rue Du Commerce?

To register as a partner seller on marketplace Rue du Commerce, you must be registered as a company and comply with VAT legislation. Your after-sales service must be offered in French, and you must be able to deliver your products on French territory.
Your products must also fall into certain categories (see opposite).

What products can I sell on Rue du Commerce?

The products sold on this French marketplace fall into certain categories:

  • High tech (telephony, computing, image and sound, etc.),
  • Home (furniture, home automation, gardening, DIY...)
  • DIY.

Products can be new, used or reconditioned (the latter with a 6-month warranty).

Rue du Commerce features Marketplace

Becoming a professional seller on Rue du Commerce will give you access to a range of features for selling on marketplace and managing your business.

Boutique Rue du Commerce

Once you've registered, you can log in to your Mirakl seller area to create your store. Dedicated tools will enable you to customize your shop window and set up your product data sheets.

Catalog import

To simplify the integration of your product catalog, you need to provide the platform with a specific file or data stream. This must respect a specific tree structure, including: item names, prices, descriptions, codes, available stock, shipping times, mode of transport, shipping costs, guarantees...

SEO Service

SEO Service

To help you optimize your product listings and generate more sales, the platform has dedicated SEO teams. We can help you write your product sheets, optimize your images and gain visibility through SEO.

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Advertising sales

Want to generate more conversions? The platform has its own advertising network to help you convert. You can run sponsored product campaigns to appear at the top of search results on the site, display banners, connect your store to Google Shopping...

Rue du Commerce's special features Marketplace

Rue du Commerce commissions

To be able to sell on Rue du Commerce, you must pay several types of sales fees:

  • Monthly vendor subscription: €40/month incl. VAT. It gives you access to all marketplace functionalities.
  • Management fees: these range from €0.25 for items costing less than €100 to €2 for products costing more than €300.
  • Rue du Commerce commissions: these range from 5% to 17% depending on the category of the item, its condition...

The payment deadline for marketplace

Unlike other marketplaces, Rue du Commerce offers relatively frequent and advantageous payments, on the order of three per month. You'll receive the money from your sales on the 11th, 21st and 1st of each month.

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How do I get started selling on Rue du Commerce?

Now you know how marketplace Rue du Commerce works. Ready to get started? You'll need to fill in a registration form. This includes information on :

  1. Your company, its registration,
  2. Your other stores on marketplaces, if any,
  3. The main category of your articles,
  4. The number of items in your inventory...

Once you've submitted your request, you'll need to wait around 48 hours for a reply from marketplace. During this time, they will study your eligibility according to their partner vendor charter. Once your application has been validated, you'll be able to access your seller's area to start creating your Rue du Commerce store.

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