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Would you like to start selling reconditioned and used products in the high-tech sector? marketplace Back Market is the leading marketplace specializing in this field. With over 20 million visitors per month worldwide, it represents a great business opportunity for you. How do you sell on Back Market? How to promote your products? How to optimize your cash flow marketplace ? Discover our advice in this practical guide.

Selling on Back Market: an attractive business opportunity

Before you start selling products on Back Market, it's essential to understand the business and social challenges of this specialized marketplace.

The market opportunity for refurbished products

The ecological awareness that has been growing for several years now is an opportunity for many entrepreneurs who want to do their bit. The market for reconditioned and second-hand products is very promising, and will continue to grow in the future. Consumers are increasingly looking for alternatives that are both more sustainable and less expensive, when they buy products online.


A market with a future

The market for refurbished products is constantly expanding. Consumers are looking for affordable, environmentally-friendly alternatives to new products, creating considerable growth potential for Back Market sellers. Starting your business on this marketplace today is a strong strategic choice for prospering tomorrow.

Still reasonable competition

While there are competing platforms, they are rarely specialized, as Back Market has sought to be. Fnac Marketplace and Cdiscount Marketplace also offer refurbished products, but in a wide range of categories. BM has chosen to specialize in electronics and high-tech products, which is an advantage for sellers who want to maximize conversions.

What products can I sell on Back Market?

At marketplace, you'll be able to sell two different types of product: reconditioned (refurbished) and used (as-is).

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Refurbished products

Refurbished products are the heart of Back Market's offering. These are high-tech items that have been refurbished and rehabilitated by experts. They are a cheaper alternative for the consumer to enjoy a "like-new" product, at a much more attractive price.

Second-hand products

Second-hand items, on the other hand, enable you to expand your inventory, by offering products that have already had a life cycle but can still be used. They are sold as is, according to their age and current performance.

How to stand out from the competition?

With over 1,700 high-tech vendors listed on Back Market, it won't be easy to find a place for yourself. To stand out from the crowd, you can choose to adopt a different positioning:

  • Type of product: to sell on Back Market, you could specialize in one type of product (smartphones, laptops, accessories...) for which you'll offer many brands and variants,
  • Brand: another option is to focus on single-brand sales, in a bid to become a reference seller of refurbished products from this brand,
  • Pricing: a competitive pricing strategy will enable you to generate regular sales and develop a sustainable business,
  • In terms of service quality: stand out from the crowd by offering premium service quality, with highly responsive customer service, product support and a repair service included.

Back Market registration and settings Marketplace

Once you're ready to get started on the refurbished marketplace, you'll need to follow a few mandatory steps to register and set up your account.

Fill in the registration form for pro sellers

Registration on Back Market begins with the completion of a detailed form for professional sellers. You'll need to provide essential information about your business: address, company income, etc.

Back Label: mandatory certification to sell on Back Market

To guarantee the quality of the offer on the marketplaceprofessional sellers must obtain Back Label certification. This involves following a specific process during which the platform checks that you meet strict quality and service standards.

Putting your inventory and stocks online

Once registered and certified, you'll be able to log on to the Merchant Back Market Office to upload your inventory of reconditioned or used products. You'll have access to practical tools for managing your inventory, creating detailed ads and setting your prices. Don't forget that when you set a price, you'll be charged a Back Market commission, ranging from 5% to 15% depending on the case.

Optimizing your inventory

In order to be well referenced by the platform and to maximize your conversions, think about optimizing your catalog. Take care of your product sheets and visuals, to stand out from your competitors and attract more buyers.

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Optimize product sheets

The key to selling your reconditioned and used products on Back Market lies in writing detailed product descriptions. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to trigger a quick purchase.
The following elements need to be filled in carefully:

  • Product title,
  • Condition,
  • Capacity and technical details,
  • Aesthetic description (colors, etc.),
  • Accessories may be supplied,
  • Detailed technical specifications,
  • The guarantees and support you offer,
  • Frequently asked questions about the product.
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Photos and visuals on Back Market

Most of the visuals uploaded to the platform are "official" product photographs. So you don't need to take your own shots to promote your items and sell on Back Market. Just be sure to include as many angles as possible on your product page.

Promoting your store to sell on Back Market

Once you've set up your product catalog, it's essential to promote your Back Market store. To do this, the marketplace provides you with dedicated tools. You can also run promotional campaigns on other channels, such as social networks or search engines.

Product search on Backmarket

The BackBox algorithm

Back Market's BuyBox algorithm is called BackBox. It highlights the best offers on the platform, based on various criteria such as quality/price ratio, seller reliability, customer service... If you are highlighted by this algorithm, you'll get more visibility and be able to generate more sales. So it's essential to optimize your BM store.

Backmarket poster national campaign

Back Market's national campaigns

To boost consumer confidence in refurbished products, Back Market runs nationwide advertising campaigns across a wide range of communication channels. This attracts many visitors to the platform and boosts your visibility.

Backmarket overview on social networks

Advertising on social networks

Using advertising on social networks is an effective way of promoting your store, by broadcasting ads to a targeted audience. Back Market provides you with guides and resources to help you optimize your advertising campaigns on platforms like Meta (Facebook ads, Instagram ads...).

Overview google shopping

Google Shopping search engine optimization

Google Shopping is another way to develop your visibility outside the marketplace Back Market. By setting up campaigns on this search engine, you can develop your acquisition and conversions. All the more reason to boost your sales statistics.

Order and inventory management

To sell on Back Market sustainably, adopt a fluid organization and offer quality services to your customers.

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Sending your orders

Back Market offers a range of tools to help you optimize your order management. Take care to organize your storage and shipping so that you can deliver to your customers on time and meet your commitments as a professional seller.

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Online customer service

In order to be as close as possible to consumers, marketplace provides a messaging service for exchanges with Internet users. Make sure you're responsive to requests to maximize your chances of selling on Back Market.

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Repair service

Refurbished appliances can suffer more technical problems than new ones. To offer your customers premium care, consider offering a repair service with or without charge.

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Collecting customer reviews

Customer reviews are essential for developing your reputation on the marketplace and building trust with consumers. Think about asking your buyers to leave a review following their purchase, to enhance your seller image. It will also enable you to improve your service by taking into account any negative feedback. What's more, customer reviews are taken into account by the BackBox algorithm, which highlights the best sellers on the platform.

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Inventory management

To avoid being held back in your development, it's imperative to always have stock in your Back Market store. However, it's not always feasible from a cash flow point of view to buy back products when the platform doesn't pay you the money from your sales until 14 days later. To maximize your business management, you can turn to third-party services offeringD+1 cash advance. This means you receive the money from your sales the day after shipment, and can replenish your stock on a regular basis to generate new sales and continue your expansion.

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