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Marketplace Decathlon: the guide

Launched in late 2020 with service provider Mirakl, the marketplace Decathlon offers all sports enthusiasts an extensive catalog of products from over a hundred third-party sellers. This goes hand in hand with a 19% increase in Decathlon's online sales in 2020, generating 2.2 billion euros, followed by a +45% rise in the share of its digital sales in 2021.

The sporting goods on offer at marketplace Decathlon cover a wide range of activities, from fitness and outdoor equipment to sportswear and practical, even essential, accessories. And always with the quality, expertise and reliability of the Decathlon brand.

Decathlon Marketplace

How does Decathlon work Marketplace ?

marketplace Decathlon operates in a similar way to other e-commerce platforms, with the emphasis on sale of sports products. Interested customers access marketplace via the official Decathlon website. On the platform, they browse through the product categories on offer and can use the "search" function if they wish to find specific items.

Once customers have found the product they want, they add it to their shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Secure online payment can be made in a number of ways, including by credit card. Once payment has been made, the third-party vendor processes the order and prepares the parcel for dispatch. The customer receives an order confirmation and delivery status updates. Customers can choose the delivery option they prefer, such as home delivery or collection from a relay point. If necessary, customers can always contact the dedicated customer service department.

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Why sell on a Marketplace like Decathlon?

By selling Decathlon products on the online platform, sellers benefit from a number of advantages:

  • they gain access to a large audience and many potential customers, thanks to Decathlon's high profile in the sporting goods market. By 2021, Decathlon will have nearly 5 million customers, which is a boon for sellers looking to boost their sales on marketplace,
  • Decathlon is a brand present in 55 countries and over 1,500 stores. As a result, marketplace Decathlon enjoys an international presence, giving sales staff the opportunity to extend the reach of their sales to customers in other countries around the world,
  • sellers benefit from a well-established, quality marketplace , in a secure environment, enabling them to sell their products under the best possible conditions,
  • Decathlon offers its vendor partners high-quality logistics and takes care of order management. This allows sellers to concentrate on developing their online business without worrying about the technical aspects. E-sellers can also choose to handle order processing and shipping themselves,
  • commission fees are fairly competitive on marketplace Decathlon compared with other online sales platforms.


Who can sell on Decathlon?

On Decathlon Marketplace, several types of sellers can offer their products to millions of customers interested in sporting goods.

As owner, Decathlon sells its own products, covering a wide range of sporting activities. Third-party sellers can also offer their products, giving consumers access to a wider variety of offers. Third-party vendors can be independent sellers, sports brands or distributors. They offer products that complement Decathlon's core offering.

What products does Decathlon sell?

Decathlon's marketplace is home to a wide variety of sports productsfor many different activities. These include, but are not limited to, the following products:

  • sportswear adapted to specific activities, such as swimsuits (swimming), soccer and rugby shirts, hiking jackets and pants specially designed for running,
  • sports accessories such as caps, sports towels, water bottles, socks, sports shoes, fitness bands, etc,
  • sports equipment, such as footballs, basketballs, tennis rackets, rollerblades, golf clubs and badminton rackets,
  • specific equipment, such as for swimming and fitness. These include products that are essential for practicing your favorite sport, such as weight training (dumbbells, skipping ropes), fitness (fitness balls, yoga mats) and swimming (swim caps, flippers, swimsuits and goggles),
  • outdoor equipment, ideal for hiking and other sporting activities in the great outdoors (hiking bag, sleeping bag, headlamp, camping tent),
  • sports shoes for all kinds of sporting activities.

Decathlon features Marketplace

The marketplace Decathlon Marketplace offers sellers numerous features designed to make it easier to sell their products on the platform, while giving them access to a large audience of sports-loving customers:

  • a wide audience throughout the world, guaranteeing optimum visibility for the products on offer and guaranteed sales,
  • a reliable online platform, highly regarded and well-established for many years, guaranteeing security at every stage of product sales,
  • tailor-made logistics, with Decathlon also able to manage orders for sales staff on its marketplace website,
  • dedicated customer support for sales staff, to guide them whenever necessary,
  • sales tracking and performance analysis on the platform, giving salespeople easy access to highly accurate analysis tools. In this way, they can track their sales, analyze the evolution of market trends and adopt the best sales strategy,
  • great marketing and promotional opportunities for sellers who want to raise awareness of their products and attract new customers.

Decathlon's special features Marketplace

The marketplace Decathlon website has a number of special features that have contributed to its growing success with consumers and sales partners alike:

  • a wide variety of sports products for all disciplines, from swimming and hiking to soccer, tennis, cycling, golf, fitness and yoga. This variety of quality products has greatly contributed to making Decathlon a reliable and dependable brand where consumers can easily find everything they need to exercise their passions,
  • a willingness to open up marketplace to passionate third-party sellers, enabling us to offer an even wider range of sporting goods. Consumers appreciate this diversity, not least because it enables them to discover unique brands and products tailored to their needs,
  • smooth, intuitive navigation on the online platform, with advanced filters and clear categories. In this way, consumers can select the products they prefer in just a few clicks, saving precious time,
  • easily accessible customer service, for consumers and third-party vendors alike,
  • a Decathlon guarantee on the majority of products sold on marketplace, which is an added bonus for customers, who can rest assured that their purchases are reliable,
  • logistics support from Decathlon, relieving third-party sellers of the burden of order management and logistics,
  • flexible delivery options. Customers can choose between several delivery options, such as in-store collection, express delivery or home delivery,
  • simplified returns for every product purchased from marketplace Decathlon. Customers can easily return their items and request a refund,
  • an eco-responsible commitment by Decathlon to ethical and sustainable practices in the production and sale of its products.

Decathlon commissions Marketplace

Decathlon's marketplace website offers its e-tailers a one-time one-time subscription of €40 per month. This subscription is established independently of the volume of products sold and the number of countries served.

In addition to the monthly subscription price, the third-party vendor must charge a commission at a rate of between 10% and 18. The difference in the rate of this commission lies in the product category and the VAT applied to the amount of the product sold, including the cost of shipping and handling.

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The payment deadline for marketplace

At marketplace Decathlon, payment times vary according to the payment methods chosen by sellers (Paypal, bank transfer, etc.), the agreements concluded between third-party sellers and Decathlon, the terms and conditions of use of the site, and other factors. General Terms of Use (CGU) and applicable internal policies.

As a general rule, Decathlon pays its sellers at regular intervals, once a month or once a week, depending on sales made on marketplace. In all cases, this information is communicated at the time of registration on the platform or when signing the commercial agreement with Decathlon as a seller.

How do I become a partner seller on Marketplace ?

Would you like to share your passion and sell sports products on marketplace Decathlon? The platform only accepts brands and retailers who share its values and whose products are related to the world of sport and well-being. The selection of third-party sellers is quite strict. Decathlon takes a number of factors into account, including the variety of products on offer, product quality, eco-design and sustainability. Sellers on marketplace include major brands such as Adidas, Puma and Reebok.

To become part of the large community of sellers on marketplace Decathlon the first step is to register online with Mirakl and fill in the required information.

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