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Marketplace Etsy: the guide

Etsy, a unique marketplace for passionate designers and collectors

marketplace Etsy has positioned itself as a leader in the sale of authentic, handmade products by designers and collectors from all over the world. This dynamic and diversified platform attracts an ever-growing number of artisans and buyers eager to find original and unique items. Today, the marketplace boasts over 7 million active sellers and over 95 million buyers worldwide. Each year, the company generates sales of over $2 billion, three quarters of which come from marketplace.

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Marketplace What is Etsy?

Etsy marketplace is a user-friendly, secure platform for buying and selling unique and creative items from around the world. marketplace is dedicated to the sale of vintage and handmade products.

This online marketplace allows designers, craftspeople and collectors to create their own online store to sell original products to millions of buyers all over the world. In just a few clicks, professionals can create their own online stores and set their own prices. In this way, they can share their creations and make their brands known to as many people as possible.

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Why sell on Marketplace like Etsy?

By creating a store on marketplace Etsy, the e-tailer can personalize each product offered for sale and take advantage of the tools at their disposal. These include high-quality referencing tools and the ability to create detailed product sheets with photos.

By selling on Etsy, the merchant reaches millions of interested buyers, significantly increasing his or her visibility in the online marketplace. A large number of buyers are looking for original products at competitive prices. This is a profitable and effective sales solution for beginners and experienced sellers alike, who want to increase their sales while promoting their creations.

What's more, every Etsy seller can take advantage of the analysis tools provided by the platform to track their performance step by step. They can also see the number of sales, sources of traffic to their online store and the volume of views on the products they offer.

Who can sell on Etsy?

On Etsy, anyone who offers vintage objects, creative supplies or produces handmade items can become a seller. These include:

  • artisans and creators who own a brand and make handmade products such as handcrafted beauty products, jewelry, works of art or clothing,
  • sellers of vintage objects. These include collectibles, furniture, accessories and clothing,
  • people offering creative supplies, i.e. supplies or materials for creative activities such as knitting and sewing.

Products sold on marketplace Etsy must comply with the platform's policies. In the same way, each seller abides by precise rules in terms of quality and complies with the ethical business practices established by Etsy to maintain the integrity of the marketplace.

What products do you sell at Esty?

On Etsy it's possible to sell a wide range of handcrafted and unique products, from jewelry and clothing to hobby accessories and decorative objects. Sellers can also sell their own creations, including handcrafted skincare and beauty products (such as handmade soap), as well as works of art, furniture and collectibles.

Etsy features Marketplace

The marketplace Etsy website offers a host of features designed to enhance the experience of buyers and sellers on the platform. A few features that set Etsy apart:

  • the ability to create your own online store as a seller, displaying each product with images, descriptions and sales policies,
  • advanced search functionality for buyers, enabling them to quickly find specific products according to a range of criteria (price, category, color, etc.),
  • add items to a list of favorites for users, ideal for keeping track of the products they're looking for and buying them later,
  • the ability for shoppers to easily add their favorite products to a shopping cart and purchase everything in just a few clicks,
  • the possibility for sellers to generate coupons and promotional offers on certain products offered for sale, thus boosting sales and customer loyalty,
  • secure payment for all buyers, via credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay,
    internal messaging on the online marketplace for easy communication and questions from users,
  • customer support for all users, buyers and sellers alike. This means they have someone to turn to quickly in the event of a problem,
  • ratings and reviews left by buyers on products and sellers. This is useful for guaranteeing the reliability of transactions, and gives other buyers confidence.

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What's special about Etsy Marketplace

marketplace Etsy has a few specific features that help make it a unique platform:

  • a market focused on creativity and artisanal products, creating a universe based around craftsmanship and promoting small businesses and creators,
  • a caring community of artisans, designers and collectors from all over the world, creating a dynamic and collaborative environment,
  • customization of products sold and enhanced originality, enabling buyers to unearth rare gems according to their desires,
  • sustainable ethical practices, with designs based on recycled materials and support for social causes. Every manufacturing process complies with environmental standards,
  • direct, secure interaction between buyers and sellers, encouraging direct exchanges via the marketplace messaging system,
  • support for independent vendors, small entrepreneurs, designers and artists. They can promote their products without costly investment,
  • a way for buyers to easily discover new products thanks to personalized recommendations based on their interests,
  • constant support for inclusion and diversity, thanks to an inclusive marketplace , where designers from all over the world can showcase their boutiques with peace of mind.

Etsy commissions Marketplace

The fees applied on marketplace Etsy are as follows:

  • 0.20 registration fee, with ads active for four months or until products are sold,
  • 6.5% transaction fee, 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee, variable depending on the location of your bank account,
  • 15% off-site advertising fee. Off-site advertising is optional for most sellers, but may sometimes be necessary depending on the amount of sales on marketplace over a 12-month period.
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Marketplace payment terms

The payment period for new Etsy sellers is different for the first 90 days and once this period has elapsed. In the first 90 days, sellers receive their money by bank transfer within 3 days of a sale. After this 90-day period, Etsy Payments orders are available the next business day, again by bank transfer.

Sellers who receive payments via PayPal or any other online method usually have the funds available instantly or within a very short time after the sale.

Designers who are paid by bank transfer have the option of creating a personalized transfer schedule. If the date of the next transfer is too far in the future, the seller can always request an early transfer by clicking on the button below "Available credit".

How do I get started as a partner seller on Etsy Marketplace ?

Now that you know how marketplace Etsy works, it's time to get started. You can create your store and start your business in just a few simple steps:

  1. create your Etsy account online by clicking on the "Register" button in the top right-hand corner of the website home page,
  2. configure your store by entering information such as the name of your online store, its description, a profile photo and your sales policies. This is an important step, as it allows you to personalize your sales space. You can change the name of your store at any time,
  3. add the products you want to sell, with good-quality photos, the price, as detailed a description as possible and the customization options you want to offer your buyers. At this stage, it's essential to take into account marketplace Etsy's sales policies for vintage and handmade products,
  4. Define the prices of your products, taking into account miscellaneous costs (transaction fees and your production costs),
  5. manage each transaction and product shipment. You have to manage the orders placed by buyers and process each request quickly. What's more, once an order has been placed and paid for, you need to be able to ship it within the timeframe agreed with the customer. By providing top-quality customer service, you'll build buyer loyalty and grow your community,
  6. use the tools provided by marketplace Etsy to optimize your performance as a seller. In particular, you can track transaction statistics and improve what can be improved. This information can help you optimize your sales strategy by adjusting the list of products offered and their prices,
  7. promote your online store, whether via Etsy or other media such as blogs and social networks.
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