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Wethenew Marketplace, the reference platform for retailers of authentic, limited-edition sneakers.

Are you passionate about the world of sneakers and streetwear? Would you like to resell limited-edition pairs of sneakers? Would you like to reach new customers and develop your business? Wethenew Marketplace is the ideal solution for you.

Wethenew is a French marketplace specializing in the sale of limited edition sneakers. It boasts over 1 million unique visitors per month and an ever-growing community of sneaker enthusiasts.

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Marketplace Wethenew: what is it?

Wethenew Marketplace is an online sales platform that connects retailers of limited edition sneakers with a clientele of enthusiasts.
With more than 1 million unique visitors per month, the platform offers increased visibility to its sellers. It also offers high-performance management tools to facilitate sneaker sales.

If you're a retailer of authentic, never-worn and limited-edition sneakers, Wethenew Marketplace is the ideal solution for developing your business.

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Why sell on a Marketplace like Wethenew?

Because Wethenew offers comprehensive tools to facilitate the sale of sneakers, such as inventory, order and payment management. With over 1 million unique visitors per month, the vast majority of whom are sneaker enthusiasts, marketplace Wethenew offers attractive commercial guarantees for sellers, such as competitive commissions and reduced shipping costs.

Who can sell on Wethenew?

Individuals with limited-edition sneakers in good condition can sell on Wethenew. Professionals can also sell on Marketplace Wethenew, as can sneaker retailers and boutiques. To do so, they need an online sales license.

What products can I sell on Wethenew?

Three types of product can be found on Wethenew: limited edition sneakers from the top brands, sneaker accessories (laces, soles, protective covers, etc.) and clothing!

Wethenew features Marketplace

With Wethenew's seller place, you can sell quickly and securely, just as you like!

The Seller Place

marketplace Wethenew offers 3 different ways to sell your products: listing, consignment or instant sales.
Discover their wide range of sales solutions here.

Take advantage of their reputation

With over 1 million visits per month and 2.5 million products listed, this is the marketplace flagship site to adopt if you want to sell your sneakers safely.

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Perform with Wethenew

The management tools offered by Wethenew enable sellers to monitor their inventory in real time, as well as their orders and payments. This enables them to make more informed decisions and manage their business more efficiently.

At your side

The personalized support offered by Wethenew means that sales staff can get help when problems arise. This enables them to resolve difficulties quickly and maintain a good customer experience.

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What makes Wethenew special Marketplace

Wethenew commissions Marketplace

As with other marketplaces (url guide), Wethenew charges commissions on sales.

  • Commission rate: 10%.
  • Postage: €4.90 in France, €5.90 in Germany, €7.90 in Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and the Netherlands.
  • Commission payments: monthly

Marketplace payment terms

Standard payment terms: 10 working days
Express payment: 2 working days

  • Standard payment terms apply to all sales, unless the seller has subscribed to the Express Payment option.
  • Express payment is available for a fee of 2% of the sale amount.
  • Payments are made by bank transfer or PayPal.
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How do I become a partner seller on Wethenew Marketplace ?

Now that you know how marketplace Wethenew works, it's time to get started. You can set up your store and start trading in just a few simple steps:

  1. Register online:
    - On the Wethenew website, click on "Become a salesperson".
    - Fill in the registration form.
    - Confirm your registration by following the instructions sent by e-mail.
  2. Provide your company details
    - Once your registration has been validated, you'll be asked to provide information about your company, such as your name, address, SIRET number and so on.
  3. Send your products
    - Once your company details have been verified, you can start sending your products to Wethenew.
    - Products must be new, in perfect condition and in their original packaging.
  4. Put your products on sale
    - Once Wethenew has received your products, you can put them up for sale on the platform. To do this, you'll need to create product files with photos, a detailed description and a price.


Further information

  • Wethenew reserves the right to accept or refuse registrations from partner sellers.
  • Partner sellers must respect Wethenew's general terms of use.

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