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Discover the One Day Payment system for marketplaces and their sellers with Qashflo.

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Qashflo supports merchants on online marketplaces and the marketplaces themselves, to develop their growth thanks to an innovative One Day Payment system.

Discover an accelerated payment solution to help your sales force grow

Adopt a practical solution to collect cash from sales on D+1 and grow your business

Marketplaces, become a major player in the e-commerce sector

  • Participate in your sellers' growth and boost your own: a seller who receives payments daily grows twice as fast... and you benefit!
  • Increase your lifetime value: by integrating our One Day Payment solution, you can increase the loyalty of your sales force and reduce your churn.
  • Offer an attractive all-inclusive package: with One Day Payment from Qashflo, you can improve cash turnover and attract more sales staff.
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Sellers, ship your orders today, get paid tomorrow!

  • Multiply your sales by 7: on online marketplaces: with €10,000 of initial stock, achieve up to €120,000 in sales with no additional outlay.
  • Avoid stock-outs: with One Day Payment alternative financing, you get paid quickly and can restock regularly.
  • Optimize your operating costs: with more cash, you can better negotiate supplier prices and increase your competitiveness and margins.
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Qashflo, marketplaces financing specialist since 2014

For almost 10 years, Qashflo has been devising alternative financing solutions dedicated to e-merchants and online sales platforms.


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Testimonials from our sellers

Payments made even faster than advertised

Payments made even faster than advertised

"The solution is intuitive and transparent, and payments are made even faster than expected ... We benefit from personalized, responsive support that listens to all our requests. To be recommended without hesitation".

Raphael Haddad

Seller on Amazon

Shopping Masters France

Expand your business by receiving advance payment on the marketplace

Expand your business by receiving advance payment on the marketplace

"I am now able to buy more shares as I receive payment for the market instantly in 2 days. Thanks to Qashflo, I've grown my business by 60% in the last 2 months! "

Evan Brave

LightRay technologies

Sell more and grow faster with rapid cash flow

Sell more and grow faster with rapid cash flow

" The Qashflo solution has helped one of our e-commerce customers sell more and grow faster, as they now have good cash flow for the new inventory. Arnaud was an excellent help in setting up and managing all the financial queries. Very happy with the service!!!" 

Pascal Lafenêtre

Afces Cediv

Qashflo has been a game-changer for my small business.

Qashflo has been a game-changer for my small business.

"As a business owner, cash flow is crucial and waiting for payments was a real headache. With Qashflo, I get paid within the day, allowing me to focus on developing my business instead of chasing payments. It's fast, efficient and has really transformed the way I manage my finances." 

Olivier S.

Electronic sales


Thanks to our one-day payment solution, we have improved cash flow management

Thanks to our one-day payment solution, we have improved cash flow management

" Qashflo has streamlined our company's financial operations like never before. Thanks to the one-day payment solution, we've improved cash flow management and opened up many more collaborations. Our customers appreciate the convenience, and it has reinforced our reputation as a responsive and reliable vendor." 

Sara L

Manager marketplace food and beverage


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FAQ One Day Payment & financing Marketplaces

Do you have any questions about our marketplace D+1 financing system? Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions in our Frequently Asked Questions section, and contact us for a personalized demonstration.

When you sell on a marketplace, your customer places an order and pays for it at marketplace. The marketplace then stores the money in a block account. For your part, you prepare the order and then ship it. marketplace will then release your money within a variable timeframe, depending on the platform, which can take up to several weeks, by charging a pre-defined commission.

Marketplaces' basic payment times vary from one to another, as some take the estimated delivery date into account when releasing funds. On average, you'll have to wait 20 to 45 days to receive your cash.

By using Qashflo how financing system marketplace, you benefit from an accelerated payment solution that allows you to collect money quickly from your sales: Day 1: sellers ship their orders, Day 2: Qashflo pays out up to 90% of net sales, Day 3: e-merchants can use their cash to replenish supplies and grow sales

The faster marketplace collects its money, the more it can restock and make new sales. Qashflo's One Day Payment system is a growth gas pedal, helping merchants to increase their sales. With their cash flow regularly replenished, they can also optimize their purchasing costs (price, quantity) and thus increase their margins.