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One of Italy's leading online retailers, ePrice has come a long way since it was founded in 2000. Over time, this online marketplace has made a name for itself as one of the key players in Italian e-commerce, not least thanks to its successful innovation strategy and numerous quality products. In fact, the platform offers over 800,000 products in a variety of categories, making it easy for consumers to find what they're looking for.

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marketplace ePrice is owned by Banzai, a leading Italian media and e-commerce solutions company. This represents an important asset for ePrice, which benefits from the support of a reputable and established company in the digital sector. This means that ePrice can continue to offer the best possible experience to consumers wishing to shop online.

Since 2015, ePrice has extended its reach to European sellers, who can now find a wide variety of products on marketplace. The aim was to strengthen ePrice's position on the European market and offer buyers ever more qualitative products.

How does ePrice work Marketplace ?

ePrice Marketplace works in a simple and intuitive way for both sellers offering products online and buyers. This online sales platform facilitates the integration of European sellers into the Italian market, offering broad, high-quality support, a vast customer base and simplified day-to-day management. Third-party sellers can sell products to Italian customers via a process structured around a number of key stages, designed to facilitate the experience of all players on marketplace.

In practice, customers browse through the many categories available and add their favorite products to their shopping baskets in just a few clicks. They then pay for their purchases online. For their part, sellers register easily on the platform and take out a monthly subscription of 29 euros (excluding VAT), offering unlimited access to marketplace and management tools.

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Why sell on Marketplace ?

Selling on ePrice marketplace allows you to join a large family of sellers and grow your business step by step. There are many advantages to selling your products on ePrice:

  • The marketplace ePrice website provides high-quality support for all its sales staff, particularly with regard to sales and inventory management,
  • The functionalities offered make it easy to manage products, track orders and control inventory from an ergonomic user interface. ePrice aims to facilitate commercial exchanges between consumers and partner sellers,
  • ePrice offers a unique, high-quality experience for sellers and users alike,
  • Salespeople have everything they need to implement a dynamic growth strategy for their sales activity,
  • Commission fees are low, ranging from 5.5% to 10% depending on the product category,
  • marketplace charges a monthly subscription fee of €29, with the first three months free of charge.

Who can sell on ePrice Marketplace ?

On ePrice Marketplace, several categories of sellers can position themselves, provided they meet the conditions set by the online platform. These include the following profiles:

  • Professional sellers, i.e. companies able to provide legal and tax information in compliance with current European regulations. In particular, the company must provide its VAT number and proof of registration with the relevant authorities,
  • Italian and European companies. In this way, ePrice aims to offer Italian consumers products from all over Europe. Italian companies are also encouraged to take part in this adventure, in the interests of local production.

It should also be noted that to register, sellers must be able to manage shipping and order inventory, although ePrice can provide logistical support. In addition, professional sellers must always offer products that are fully secured according to European standards.

What products can I sell on ePrice?

marketplace ePrice has the advantage of offering a very wide variety of products in a wide range of categories, covering all the needs of Italian consumers. These include

  • Consumer electronics. These include popular items such as computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs, cameras and other electronic accessories. On ePrice, the electronics category is a strong performer due to consistent user demand,
  • Household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves and vacuum cleaners. In short, small and large appliances for everyday household needs,
  • Home and garden products. These include interior decorating items, furniture, gardening equipment and DIY products. Sellers often offer items in this category, as users are looking for new products to enhance their living spaces,
  • Books, films and video games (as well as games consoles),
  • Fashion items and accessories, such as clothing, jewelry and shoes,
  • Office and stationery products, such as school supplies and printers.

In a nutshell, marketplace ePrice attracts all consumers, both professional and private, who are looking for items for their daily lives. This huge variety of products enables sellers to capitalize on the many needs expressed by buyers, a real asset in attracting and retaining a varied customer base.

ePrice features Marketplace

The marketplace ePrice website offers a wide range of features to help sellers across Europe improve their experience on the platform and manage their online stores more effectively:

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An intuitive interface, an essential dashboard for managing products on sale. Sellers can easily add, modify or delete items. They can also organize product descriptions, prices and images as they wish,


Automated inventory and order management, thanks to tools designed specifically for sales staff. ePrice offers automatic inventory updates and real-time notifications to keep you informed of product restocking,

Flexible delivery options. Each seller can offer buyers several delivery options, including collection from a collection point in Italy,

The ability to apply promotions and discounts to attract more customers and retain those who have already placed an order. Buyers can also take part in promotional campaigns organized by ePrice. These opportunities are perfect for increasing the visibility of products on sale,

Access to detailed reports and analytical data on product and sales performance. This enables sales staff to adapt their strategies, particularly in relation to user needs and behaviors,

The low-cost fees and commissions model for sellers, with a transparent monthly subscription fee of €29 (+ VAT) and commissions starting at 5.5% depending on product category,

On-demand assistance, with an account manager providing personalized support to help users navigate marketplace and resolve any difficulties they may encounter. Sellers can thus optimize their sales and better manage their stores on a day-to-day basis.

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ePrice special features Marketplace

marketplace ePrice has a number of specific features that make it a top-quality platform for all European sellers:

  • A marketplace specifically geared to the Italian market. This enables European sellers to target Italian users, implying in-depth knowledge of local consumer needs and preferences, as well as popular delivery options such as Pick&Pay (points of collection),
  • A dedicated account manager for each salesperson. ePrice provides salespeople with personalized support, enabling them to optimize their sales strategies and benefit from ongoing assistance in the event of problems,
  • A wide range of products in various categories such as books, household appliances, video games and electronics. This great diversity benefits sellers who can optimize their sales in a market with many needs,
  • A wide choice of delivery options, including home delivery and collection from a dedicated point in Italy. Consumers appreciate the flexibility they have in choosing how they receive their orders,
  • Clear, transparent pricing for sellers, who pay a monthly subscription fee and a commission on sales in return for unlimited access to all marketplace ePrice functionalities at no extra cost,
  • Automated ordering and inventory management with ePrice tools,
  • Detailed reports and analysis tools make it easier to monitor performance, enabling sales staff to adapt their sales strategies accordingly.

ePrice commissions Marketplace

On marketplace ePrice, sellers must pay a fee to benefit from the advantages offered by the platform. Firstly, ePrice requires sellers to pay a monthly subscription fee of €29, excluding VAT. This subscription gives unlimited access to marketplace 's functionalities, enabling sellers to easily place their various products online.

In addition to this subscription, sellers pay commission fees that vary from 5.5% to 10%, depending on the product category. For example, the sale of an audio or video device is subject to a 5.5% commission, while beauty products, video accessories or DIY tools are subject to an 8% commission. Finally, commissions reach 10% for the sale of refurbished products.

Please note that credit card payments are subject to an additional charge of 1.5%.

The payment deadline for marketplace

Payment conditions on marketplace ePrice are structured to offer the best service to sellers in a secure manner. Each seller receives payment for completed transactions into their bank account. ePrice sets the payment schedule, usually on a monthly basis, which ensures that sales and any returns are factored into the payment. In addition, ePrice takes care of the entire payment process, ensuring full transaction security and transparency.

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How do I become a partner seller on Marketplace ?

Would you like to get started with peace of mind on marketplace ePrice, but don't know where to start? Don't panic, here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Register and create an account. At this stage you'll need to provide all the essential information about your business, such as your VAT number, proof of registration and legal information,
  2. Configure your store, once an ePrice account manager has validated your request. To configure your online store, you have access to an indispensable dashboard for managing your products on sale, tracking orders and analyzing your performance,
  3. Add as many products as you like by entering detailed product descriptions, images and prices. Descriptions must be carefully written and always comply with ePrice quality standards,
  4. Synchronize your inventories using ePrice features and automation tools,
  5. Quickly manage and dispatch orders placed by your buyers,
  6. Increase the visibility of your products by taking part in ePrice promotional campaigns,
  7. Maintain your excellent rating as a seller by managing returns and answering buyers' questions,
  8. Contact your dedicated account manager if you have any problems.

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