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Join the many sellers who already use Qashflo to receive their payments on D+1. Don't just take our word for it! Read our sellers' testimonials.

Payments made even faster than advertised

"The solution is intuitive and transparent, and payments are made even faster than expected ... We benefit from personalized, responsive support that listens to all our requests. To be recommended without hesitation".

  • Raphael Haddad
  • Shopping Masters France
  • Seller on Amazon

Expand your business by receiving advance payment on the marketplace

"I am now able to buy more shares as I receive payment for the market instantly in 2 days. Thanks to Qashflo, I've grown my business by 60% in the last 2 months! "

  • Evan Brave
  • LightRay technologies

Sell more and grow faster with rapid cash flow

" The Qashflo solution has helped one of our e-commerce customers sell more and grow faster, as they now have good cash flow for the new inventory. Arnaud was an excellent help in setting up and managing all the financial queries. Very happy with the service!!!" 

  • Pascal Lafenêtre
  • Afces Cediv

Thanks to our one-day payment solution, we have improved cash flow management

" Qashflo has streamlined our company's financial operations like never before. Thanks to the one-day payment solution, we've improved cash flow management and opened up many more collaborations. Our customers appreciate the convenience, and it has reinforced our reputation as a responsive and reliable vendor." 

  • Sara L
  • Rakuten
  • Manager marketplace food and beverage

Qashflo has been a game-changer for my small business.

"As a business owner, cash flow is crucial and waiting for payments was a real headache. With Qashflo, I get paid within the day, allowing me to focus on developing my business instead of chasing payments. It's fast, efficient and has really transformed the way I manage my finances." 

  • Olivier S.
  • Rakuten
  • Electronic sales

Now it's your turn to boost your e-commerce business with the D+1 payment solution for marketplaces

Now it's your turn to boost your e-commerce business with the D+1 payment solution for marketplaces