How do I sell on ManoMano?

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Would you like to develop an e-commerce business with DIY, gardening or home products? Selling on ManoMano Marketplace is an excellent idea. You'll be able to reach a specialized target and benefit from the platform's millions of monthly visitors. In this guide, find out how to determine your sales strategy, set up your ManoMano store, manage your orders, optimize your cash flow...

Selling on ManoMano: adopting the right strategy

Before launching your business on ManoMano Marketplace, it's essential to think about your sales strategy. In the online sales sector, competition is intense, so you need to anticipate every aspect of your business strategy.

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Product selection

To ensure you achieve your sales objectives, you need to make the right choices from the outset. This includes developing a well-thought-out product strategy. To determine what type of product you're going to sell, ask yourself a few questions.

Does my product meet a real need?
The more your product meets a consumer need, the more likely it is to be purchased. Before telling yourself that you're going to sell such and such an item, start by thinking about the target audience you want to address, and what their needs and expectations are. This will enable you to make more effective strategic choices and maximize your chances of conversion.

Who are my competitors?
Competitive analysis is a key to success for any online seller. To sell on ManoMano, you need to make a benchmark, to see who the other sellers are, what prices they charge, how they position themselves on the market. This will enable you to make new strategic choices: offering a lower price, choosing a differentiating positioning...

Using tools to identify trends

To develop your product strategy on ManoMano, you can take advantage of specific research tools. Solutions such as Google Trends or Answer The Public will enable you to better understand customer needs and adjust your offering accordingly.

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Find several suppliers

Selecting reliable suppliers is essential to guarantee the constant availability of your products on ManoMano. Avoid dependence on a single source of supply to minimize the risk of stock-outs. Without a product, you won't be able to sell, and your customers may well turn to your competitors.

Choosing the right marketplace

Before registering with ManoMano, make sure that marketplace fits your products, your strategy and your budget. Analyze the product categories, look at the competition, and find out about ManoMano commissions. There are many marketplaces that may suit your needs, so make sure you sell on the right one.

Register and set up ManoMano Marketplace

Before starting your business on ManoMano, follow the key steps to register and set up your seller showcase.

Manomano eligibility

Eligibility criteria

  • Be a registered company in France,
  • Sell products corresponding to the categories offered by ManoMano,
  • Quality customer service,
  • Have a pricing policy in line with the ManoMano charter.
Manomano registration form

ManoMano partner seller registration form

To start selling on ManoMano, you need to apply to the platform to become a partner seller. You'll need to fill in a form to tell us more about your company, your products, your services and conditions of sale... The marketplace will study your application and validate or reject your registration, if it's in order.

Manomano website showcase

Putting your products online in your shop window

Once your registration has been validated, start creating your shop window and setting up your products on ManoMano. Fill in all the legal and practical information to build visitor confidence and facilitate their purchasing decisions.

Stock on shelves

Optimize your business management

ManoMano offers services to help you manage your business. For example, you can use the ManoMano Fulfillment service to delegate the storage, packing, dispatch and tracking of your orders to marketplace . This pay-as-you-go solution is ideal if you have a large sales flow, or if you don't have the manpower or space to do it yourself. For example, it works on the same principle as Octopia Fulfillment, offered by Cdiscount Marketplace.

Increase your visibility to sell on ManoMano

You've launched your ManoMano store? Your next challenge is to attract a maximum number of visitors to generate conversions and develop your sales. Various marketing actions can be implemented at marketplace and beyond.

Sponsored products on Manomano

Sponsored products

Sponsored product campaigns are a great opportunity to sell on ManoMano on a regular basis. In concrete terms, this involves making your product sheets stand out among the first results when a web surfer types in a specific search. The words "Sponsored" appear to inform the consumer.

Branding page for Manomano

Branding pages on ManoMano

Branding is another way to increase click-throughs and conversions. This involves highlighting your brand on the home page of marketplace or on strategic category pages. Branding can take the form of a banner ad or a call to action including your brand image and a few of your product sheets.

Manomano ads on social networks

Attracting buyers through social networks

Google is also a great ally when it comes to selling on Amazon. To do this, you need to create optimized Google Shopping ads. These will appear at the top of Google searches for people typing keywords related to your products, in the search bar. The pricing system is the same as for Amazon, with a cost per click.

Google Shopping

Connect your ManoMano store to Google Shopping

n other acquisition channel to consider when selling on ManoMano: Google Shopping. This advertising platform gives you the opportunity to display links to your product sheets above the Google search results. In other words, an opportunity to increase your visibility tenfold, depending on the keywords you choose.

Manage your sales on ManoMano

Selling on ManoMano is a good thing, but to succeed over the long term, you need to learn how to manage your orders, stock and after-sales service... Here's our advice.

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The importance of stock and supply

Your stock is the key element in your business, because without products to sell, there's no turnover. It's essential to learn how to anticipate your supplier orders so that you can regularly replenish your inventory. Out-of-stock situations are the bane of every e-tailer's existence, as they encourage potential buyers to turn to your competitors.

The problem is that most marketplaces don't pay you the money from your sales right away. At ManoMano, you receive your payments once a month or even twice a month, depending on the terms you choose. This means you don't have a constant cash flow, and can run out of cash to replenish your supplies. To avoid being blocked in your business management, consider subscribing to a cash advance solution like Qashflo. This allows you to collect cash the day after your shipments, to buy back stock and continue your development while you wait for payment from the marketplace.

Say goodbye to stock-outs

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Customer service

Running your online store on ManoMano isn't just about logistics, it's also about smooth communication with your visitors and customers. Whether it's for product information or to resolve a problem with a purchase, it's essential that visitors can communicate with you easily. Try to be as responsive as possible.

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Customer feedback

Collecting customer reviews is a crucial lever for selling on ManoMano. Before making a purchase, visitors are likely to consult the experiences of previous buyers. So be sure to collect customer reviews to reinforce the credibility of your storefront. What's more, the collection of reviews helps to improve your ranking in the ManoMano algorithm, which determines the order in which products appear in the platform's category pages and search results.

3 tips for success on ManoMano Marketplace

Well-optimized product pages are essential for generating clicks on your product pages. This allows you to be better ranked by the ManoMano algorithm and to stand out on strategic keywords. Remember to work on the following elements:

  • The title of your product: don't hesitate to lengthen it to give essential information at first glance,
  • Photos: add enough photos to your listing so that visitors can easily visualize themselves and make a purchase more quickly,
  • Strengths: this section is ideal for making consumers want to buy by highlighting your product's strengths,
  • Offers: propose joint offers between your different products at an attractive price. This is a great way to increase basket sales,
  • Product details: this section is essential for providing maximum technical information. Be sure to include strategic keywords in your description, so that web users can find your products by typing them in.

In order to improve your customer service, it's essential to offer relatively flexible sales conditions. This can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • Free or discounted delivery,
  • Product take-back,
  • Single or multi-year warranty,
  • Free returns within a certain period...

All these elements are reassuring for visitors, who will know even before they buy that they can count on continuity of service should they need it.

Once you've succeeded in selling on ManoMano to French customers, consider expanding beyond France's borders. This is a great opportunity to develop your e-commerce business and reach new goals. To help you do this, ManoMano offers a dedicated export service to 6 countries, including :

  • Translation of your product sheets,
  • Dedicated customer service in the destination language,
  • Managing VAT on exports...

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