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Founded in 1998, Cdiscount is THE benchmark French e-commerce marketplace. A platform that today enables thousands of sellers to develop their online sales. Are you thinking of selling on Cdiscount Marketplace ? Discover our guide marketplace to understand the specific features, functionalities and best practices. 

Selling on Cdiscount: the strategy

Before embarking on the creation of a seller account on the marketplaceit's imperative to work on your business strategy. There's no need to rush headlong into selling on Cdiscount: it's better to fine-tune your action plan to ensure sustainable, effective development. There are two possible scenarios: you're starting from scratch, or you already have a well-established product strategy.

You don't know what to sell

While the e-commerce sector is attractive to many, it's also highly competitive. To make your mark and succeed, you'll need to find the right products and the right positioning. If you don't know what to sell on Cdiscount, here are a few steps to get you started.

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Market research

It will help you find business opportunities, understand current and future trends, and orient yourself towards a particular type of product or sector.

Use the right tools

To help you in your research, you can take advantage of tools such as Google Trend, Answer the public or others, which provide information on the searches carried out by Internet users in order to determine their needs and expectations.

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Analyze the competition on Cdiscount Marketplace

This is an important step in finding out who your competitors will be, what prices they sell at, how they communicate... This will enable you to find your communication axis and your brand positioning, in order to differentiate yourself.

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Find suppliers

They are the key to your business, because without stocks, there are no sales. Make sure you select reliable manufacturers and vary your sources of supply, so as not to risk stock-outs in the event of problems beyond your control.

You already have a product strategy

If you already sell products in physical stores or online via your own website or other marketplaces, registering with marketplace Cdiscount is a great opportunity to continue your development. You'll reach a new target, without impacting your other sales channels.

Cdiscount registration and settings Marketplace

If you want to sell on Cdiscount quickly and regularly, it's important to optimize your catalog as much as possible. The aim? To make it easy for Internet users to find your products and meet their needs. To achieve this, make sure you :

Cdiscount registration area

Create a Cdiscount seller account

First, create your professional seller account. You will need to carefully read the marketplace's General Terms and Conditions and complete a registration form. To validate the creation of your account, you will be asked to provide supporting documents to certify your company's compliance (KBIS, proof of identity, RIB of professional bank account, etc.).

Cdiscount store

Create your store on Cdiscount Marketplace

Once your registration has been completed and validated, start creating your product catalog! Cdiscount offers several options for this purpose:

  • Import a catalog in bulk by downloading an Excel file,
  • Use the platform's intuitive API to create your catalog in just a few clicks,
  • Use an integrator partner compatible with marketplace.
Cdiscount store optimization

Optimizing your store

If you want to sell on Cdiscount quickly and regularly, it's important to optimize your catalog as much as possible. The aim? To make it easy for Internet users to find your products and meet their needs. To achieve this, make sure you :

  • Add a large number of photos and/or videos to your product sheets to help web users visualize your products,
  • Write long, high-quality descriptions to give your visitors as much information about the product as possible,
  • Highlight customer reviews to reassure your prospects and build trust in your brand,
  • Create your own showcase to immerse visitors in the world of your brand, based on the same principle as Amazon's Marketplace showcases.

Promote your store to sell on Cdiscount

Once you've created and optimized your catalog, it's time to move on to your communication plan. A well-crafted shop window will bring you customers, but relevant marketing actions will really get you off the ground. For this, marketplace Cdiscount offers services grouped together in Cdiscount Advertising Sellers.

Display sponsored products on Cdiscount

Sponsored product on Cdiscount

This marketing feature enables you to boost your product listings in search results. When they search for a product similar to yours, your listing will appear in first position. With this tool, Cdiscount says you're almost 14 times more likely to sell.

Google shopping

Google Shopping login

The French marketplace also offers you the option of propelling your product catalog directly onto Google Shopping. This enables you to carry out automated communication on the world's No. 1 search engine. It's a fast way to generate traffic and conversions.

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Premium Ads

The latest feature for selling on Cdiscount is premium ads. They allow you to promote your catalog and your brand through advertising banners displayed in strategic locations on marketplace (home page, category pages, etc.).

Day-to-day store management

Now you know how to launch your store and sell on Cdiscount. Your next challenge is to manage your business, from stock to shipping to customer returns. To help you achieve this, Cdiscount Marketplace offers dedicated functionalities.

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Octopia Fullfilment Service

Logistics is a major challenge for any online retailer. That's why Cdiscount offers the Fullfilment service, to delegate your logistics to experts. The platform takes care of storing, packing and shipping your products, handling returns and customer relations, and managing your sales on the marketplace. An ideal solution for large sellers with several simultaneous sales platforms.

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Express Seller Service

Express Seller is a shipping method that will enable you to sell on Cdiscount thanks to higher visibility and a more qualified target. In return for a subscription, the platform distributes your offers to "Cdiscount à volonté" customers, for the most loyal buyers. A loyalty program that boosts sales and enables customers to enjoy benefits such as free 72-hour delivery all year round.

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The challenge of good inventory management

When it comes to business management, inventory is a crucial element that must not be overlooked. Too regular stock-outs have a disappointing effect on customers, who are likely to turn to your competitors. But how can you restock quickly when Cdiscount Marketplace only pays out your sales every 10 days? To counter this problem and boost your sales strategy, subscribe to a D+1 cash advance service like Qashflo.

Say goodbye to stock-outs

with D+1 payment of your sales on Cdiscount Marketplace.

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