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Would you like to develop your online sales business by boosting your conversions thanks to the French leader in high-tech and household appliances? Darty is a benchmark marketplace that will enable you to rapidly increase your sales. How to sell on Darty Marketplace ? What product strategy should you adopt? How do you manage your cash flow to prosper? Discover our advice in this practical guide.

Selling on Darty: the strategy

Every e-commerce business launch starts with a good strategy. It's a mistake to start headlong without a plan of action. In this sector, competition is fierce, so it's imperative to think about your ambitions before you start selling on marketplace Darty.

Which product to sell?

Product strategy is a key element of success for any professional online seller. Finding the right items and the best brand positioning is essential if you are to stand out from other sellers and hope to generate conversions quickly.
There are several ways to choose which products to sell on Darty Marketplace :

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Identify market opportunities :

Analyze the sellers on Darty to see which products are listed, which are best-selling, and get an idea of the prices charged on the platform. Market research is also an excellent way to get ideas, understand the needs of your target clientele and, why not, find a niche market in which to launch your business.

Use trend analysis tools :

To help you find which products to sell, you can use tools that analyze the keywords typed into search engines by Internet users. Google Trend, Answer the Public... Some are free, others are not. They are useful for focusing your product strategy on real needs.

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Find suppliers:

Once you've determined a list of items to put on sale, start looking for reliable suppliers. Remember to vary your sources of supply, because if one of your suppliers goes out of business or can't deliver, you need to be able to bounce back quickly to avoid stock-outs.

Make sure you choose the right Marketplace

Finally, before you start the process of registering to sell on Darty Marketplace, make sure that this marketplace is consistent with your business ambitions. Check out the product categories available and browse the sellers already present in the niche to determine whether you can launch your business with confidence.

Darty registration and settings Marketplace

Once you've fine-tuned your strategy, it's time to take your first steps on the platform. Follow the registration process and start setting up your seller account.

Darty eligibility

Eligibility criteria

To become a pro salesperson, you must meet a few criteria stipulated by the platform:

  • Be registered with the RCS for companies in France,
  • Master the B2C sales channel (quotations, shipping, after-sales service management, etc.),
  • Offer after-sales service in French,
  • Comply with VAT regulations,
  • Respect the Darty quality charter.
Darty registration form

Registration form to become a Darty pro salesperson

To join the thousands of merchants and sell on Marketplace Darty, you need to fill in a form. This form is common to both this marketplace and Fnac Marketplace, part of the same Fnac-Darty group. Scrupulously fill in the various fields: company details, VAT number, target marketplace , product categories, flow manager, number of potential references, etc. After a few days, the marketplace will let you know whether your application has been accepted.

Darty website showcase

Putting your inventory online in your shop window

Then it's time to set up your Darty shop window! Start by filling in all the legal information about your company: registration, contact details, general sales conditions... Then, put your product sheets online, define your prices and indicate your stocks. Don't forget to take into account Darty's sales charges, which will be deducted by the platform, in your pricing strategy. A pricing API is available on Darty to help you modulate your offers according to the market.

Optimizing your shop window

The more care you take with your product sheets, the more likely you are to be visible and generate conversions. To sell on Darty Marketplace, it's essential to fill in your product information in detail and optimize your listings with keywords.

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Fill in product sheets

Whether you sell new, reconditioned or used products, the key to success is customer information. The more details you provide about your product, the more the consumer will have everything they need to make a purchase.
The following elements need to be filled in carefully:

  • Product title,
  • Condition,
  • Technical details and features,
  • Visual description (colors, etc.),
  • Accessories supplied if required,
  • Detailed technical specifications,
  • The guarantees and support you offer,
  • Frequently asked questions about the product.

Promote your store to sell on Darty

Once your product catalog is online and well optimized, you can move on to the sales phase. To gain visibility and attract visitors to your Darty storefront, you can implement various marketing and advertising actions. Some of these are available directly on the marketplace, others can be set up externally.

Darty product showcase

Understanding the Darty algorithm

When Internet users type in a product search on Darty, a list of items appears in a certain order. This order is governed by an algorithm, which uses various criteria to highlight sellers and their products. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to optimize your shop window and enhance your customer experience, so as to gather good reviews and develop your reliability.

Banner advertising on Darty

Display marketing banners on the marketplace

One of the marketing actions available for selling on Darty takes the form of marketing banners. These visual advertisements, which link to your seller's store and your products, are displayed on different pages of the marketplace, depending on the product category and targeting selected. This increases your visibility and generates conversions.

Sponsored products on Darty

Invest in sponsored product campaigns

The principle of the sponsored product is to put your product at the top of the search results for users of the Darty platform. This means that your item appears first, with the obligatory "sponsored product" mention. A great way to generate clicks on your product pages and maximize your chances of conversion.

Darty on social networks

Taking advantage of social networks

Today, social networks are very important vectors of visibility. As a seller, you can use them to attract new visitors to your shop window. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Tiktok... These platforms enable you to set up highly targeted advertising campaigns that can generate sales.

Google Shopping

Get listed on Google Shopping

Google Shopping is another attractive visibility channel, favored by many Darty sellers. It displays your product data sheets on the Google search engine in the form of inserts with image, title and link. A reliable vector for acquisition and conversion.

Manage your Darty store

To sell on Darty sustainably, it's essential to take care of your visitors' and customers' user experience. The smoother your sales process and the better your support, the more you'll be able to convert and retain your audience.

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Inventory management

One of the most important elements in your e-commerce development is stock management. Without products, there are no sales, and without sales, there are no revenues. So it's vital to ensure that you're always replenishing your stock and developing your product ranges to grow your business.
That said, how do you go about buying back merchandise when marketplace Darty only pays you the money from your sales an average of 11 days after your shipments? The answer is to turn to a third-party service that enables you to recover cash more quickly, so you can reinvest in your inventory and development. This is the case with Qashflo, for example, a solution that offers cash advances the day after your shipments.

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Online customer service

Setting up high-quality customer service is imperative for managing your buyers' requests and generating positive customer reviews. Darty offers a messaging API to streamline your exchanges and better organize your after-sales service.

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Collecting customer reviews

Having positive customer reviews is important to reinforce your reliability as a seller and give confidence to the people who visit your shop window. To sell on Darty on a regular basis, invite your customers to leave a review. This will also reinforce your reliability in the eyes of the marketplace algorithm.

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