Would you like to generate conversions on one of France's biggest online sales sites? Fnac Marketplace is a platform that attracts thousands of professional sellers. But to grow and sustain your business, you need to set it up and manage it properly. In this guide, find out how to sell on Fnac: product selection, cash management, after-sales service...

Selling on Fnac: adopting the right strategy

Thinking through a well-honed sales strategy beforehand is essential for a successful launch and knowing how to sell on Fnac Marketplace. When it comes to e-commerce, there are many competitors, and you need to do everything you can to achieve your business objectives.

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Choosing the right product strategy

This may seem obvious, but if you don't adopt the right product strategy, you could run into problems selling on Fnac. There are various approaches you can take, and it's up to you to choose the one that's right for you:

  • Selling a best seller: this is a highly sought-after product that will sell more easily, but the competition will be greater as a result. So you'll need to find an attractive positioning or pricing strategy to set yourself apart from other sellers.
  • Choose a niche market: this is a little-exploited or new market, but one with potential. There are fewer web surfers looking for these niche products, but by offering a response to their needs, you'll be able to convert more easily.
  • Stand out through your positioning: if you opt to sell common products that are not necessarily best sellers, you'll need to work hard on your positioning to convert. You can differentiate yourself from other sellers through your selling price, for example, or through your brand universe, technical specifications, design...

Using tools to identify trends

To develop your product strategy, you can use specific research tools. Solutions such as Google Trend or Answer The Public enable you to learn more about the searches made by Internet users, so you can position yourself on real needs and hope to sell on Fnac more easily.

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Find suppliers

Your suppliers will be your best allies, because without a product you won't sell! From a strategic point of view, avoid having only one source of supply. If, for one reason or another, it can no longer supply you, you'll find yourself out of stock, and in danger of going out of business. Use several suppliers so you can order stock on a regular basis.

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Choosing the right marketplace

Last step before registering with Fnac Marketplace : make sure it's the right marketplace for you! It must be consistent with your product, your strategy and your budget. Review product categories, check out competing sellers, find out about Fnac commissions...

Fnac registration and settings Marketplace

Before you start selling on Fnac, you'll need to follow the key steps of registering and setting up your seller window.

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Eligibility criteria

  • Be registered with the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés (RCS) in France,
  • Master the B2C sales channel (pricing, shipping, after-sales service management, etc.),
  • Offer after-sales service in French,
  • Comply with VAT regulations,
  • Respect the quality charter of the Fnac Darty group.
Fnac form

Registration form to become a Fnac partner seller

The form to fill in to sell on Fnac Marketplace is the same as the one for Darty, since both marketplaces belong to the Fnac Darty group. Be sure to check the information you provide to ensure that your registration request is quickly validated by our services.

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Putting your products online in your shop window

Once your registration has been validated, you'll be able to start creating your shop window and configuring your products. Be sure to fill in all the legal and practical information requested. This will enable visitors to learn more about your company and its reliability, and to find all the technical information they need to make a purchase.

Marketplaces business management

Optimize your business management

Thanks to the various APIs available for selling on Fnac, you'll be able to optimize your day-to-day sales management. The APIs will enable you to more easily manage your orders, customer requests, after-sales service... The pricing API is also very interesting for adapting your prices according to the market, competitors and major marketing periods (sales, black friday, holidays...).

Gain visibility on Fnac's marketplace website

Once your store has been set up and optimized, you can start selling on Fnac. Then it's time to activate your marketing levers to attract more and more visitors and increase your conversions.

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Understanding the Fnac algorithm

Like all marketplaces, Fnac marketplace sorts products when users type in a search. This sorting is defined by an algorithm, which is responsible for ranking the sellers' ads. Ranking criteria vary according to the relevance of the item to demand, the optimization of product sheets, the price offered, the rating of the storefront by previous buyers...

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Advertising banners on Fnac

To increase your visibility on the platform, you can set up banner marketing campaigns. In this way, your products and showcase are visually highlighted on strategic pages of the platform.

Sponsored product overview on Fnac

Set up product sponsorship

In addition to banners, you can also have your products featured in the first search results on the Fnac website. These are sponsored product campaigns. The words "sponsored product" are displayed for the consumer. This type of marketing action increases the number of visitors to your shop window tenfold, and maximizes your chances of conversion.

Capture Fnac on social networks

Boost your visibility on social networks

Using social networks can be beneficial for generating traffic to your Fnac storefront Marketplace. Social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok have their own advertising networks. You can create campaigns with targeted audiences on these platforms to generate clicks to your online products on Fnac's marketplace .

Google shopping Fnac

Advertising on Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a very interesting conversion lever, since small ads appear at the top of Google users' search results. You can therefore set up campaigns to display your product listings there and attract large numbers of visitors to your Fnac storefront.

Manage your Fnac business

To succeed in selling on Fnac on a regular basis and ensure the long-term future of your e-commerce business, it's essential to adopt good management practices. Stock, after-sales service, customer reviews, cash flow... Remember to get organized.

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Inventory management

Inventory management is the cornerstone of any online business. If you run out of stock, your visitors will look elsewhere, making your competitors happy. So it's imperative to make sure you're ordering products regularly, but also to develop your product ranges to increase your sales year on year.
But how can you buy stock regularly and develop your business when you're short of cash? Remember, marketplace Fnac only pays you the money from your sales a minimum of 11 days after shipment. This is a crippling payment delay that creates a gap in your cash flow and can prevent you from placing supplier orders. Fortunately, there are solutions like Qashflo, which offerscash advances on D+1. You sell, you ship, you receive the money the next day, you buy back stock, you continue your sales, you repay the advance when the marketplace pays you...

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After-sales and online customer service

Good online store management also means good communication with your visitors and buyers. Whether it's for information on a product or a problem related to a purchase, Internet users need to be able to communicate easily with you. To help you manage your customers, Fnac offers a simple and intuitive messaging API.

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Customer feedback

Customer reviews are very important conversion levers. Before buying your products, it's a safe bet that your visitors will consult the experiences of previous buyers. So be sure to collect customer reviews to reinforce the reliability of your shop window, but also to hope to move up in the ranking of the Fnac algorithm, which determines the order in which products appear in the platform's category pages and search results.

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