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Are you planning to set up a store on marketplace Rue du Commerce? This represents a real opportunity to boost your online business. If you're wondering what products to offer, how to set up the platform, how to manage your cash flow and how to gain visibility and sell on Rue du Commerce, follow our dedicated guide.

Selling on Rue du Commerce: the basics

Before you even register to start selling on Rue du Commerce, start by preparing your actions. Product strategy, building up stock and choosing the right marketplace are elements not to be neglected.

Product strategy

Your product strategy depends on the choice of items you sell on Rue du Commerce. If you don't yet know what kind of product to offer, it's a good idea to do some market research to find out what to focus on. Our advice:

  • Define your target market and analyze its needs. To sell more easily, your product needs to meet real consumer expectations. To do this, you can use tools like Google Trend or Answer the Public. These will tell you what the most common Internet searches are, and what consumers are interested in.
  • Niche or competitive market? A niche product is one that is less widespread on the market, with fewer buyers who are more inclined to convert. You'll be less hampered by competition, but your business will evolve more gradually. A competitive market is made up of current products and even best sellers. You'll appeal to a wider audience, but face stiff competition. You'll need to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd.
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Choice of suppliers

Before selling on Rue du Commerce, be sure to establish commercial links with several suppliers. Don't fall into the trap of having only one source of supply, as this could lead to stock-outs. Having several choices when ordering restocking is essential not only to guarantee that your inventory is filled, but also to be able to play the competition off against each other, obtain advantageous prices and increase your margins.

The choice of marketplace

There are dozens of marketplaces on the market. To maximize your chances of generating conversions, make sure the products you sell are consistent with your chosen marketplace. On Rue du Commerce, the most popular categories are high-tech items, home furnishings, gaming, household appliances, DIY... Before creating your partner seller account, take a look at the various Rue du Commerce sales fees and commissions, to anticipate your expenses.

Rue du Commerce registration and settings Marketplace

You've got your strategy all worked out, and now you want to start selling on Rue du Commerce? Here's how to set up your store and place your first orders.

Seller eligibility Rue du Commerce

Eligibility criteria to become a Rue du Commerce seller

To apply for registration as a professional saddler, you must meet certain criteria:

  • Be a company registered in France that complies with VAT regulations,
  • Sell products corresponding to the categories offered by Rue du Commerce (high tech, home, DIY, pet supplies, etc.),
  • Customer service managed in French,
  • A delivery system in France.
Rue du Commerce seller registration form

Registration form

If you meet the criteria, you must first fill in a partner vendor registration form. Fill in the various fields requested: contact details, company registration, main market, number of items in your catalog, etc. Once your application has been submitted, marketplace will analyze and validate your request within 48 hours.

Rue du Commerce product catalog

Putting your catalog online

Once your registration has been validated, you'll have access to your Mirakl-managed seller space. Now it's up to you to create your store and sell on Rue du Commerce. To facilitate the import of your catalog, provide a file or a complete feed containing all the information on your products and services, following the template requested by the platform.

Activity management: hangar, truck, delivery

Optimize your business management

To succeed in selling and managing your orders, you'll need to organize your e-commerce business properly. If you don't have all the resources in-house, you can outsource the logistics side of your business. Some service providers offer to store your products in their warehouses, then pack, ship and deliver them to your end-customers as your orders come in. This saves time for your company, but also means additional costs that you need to factor into your business plan.

Sell more on Rue du Commerce with advertising

Is your seller space ready? Set up marketing actions to attract visitors and generate conversions. Rue du Commerce has its own in-house advertising department to help you increase your visibility on the site.

Showcase site Rue du Commerce

The Rue du Commerce algorithm

One of the first levers you need to activate to sell on Rue du Commerce is the referencing of your offers. At marketplace , we offer a dedicated SEO service to help you optimize your product pages. The more polished and detailed your pages are, and the more relevant keywords they contain, the better you'll rank in visitors' searches. The quality of the reviews left by your customers is also taken into account in the algorithm's ranking.

Sponsored products on Rue du Commerce

Sponsored products

Product sponsoring is a profitable sales lever. The principle is simple: your product sheets are propelled to the top of the search results on Rue du Commerce. This makes them more visible and generates more clicks. The ranking system works via a bidding system between the different sellers who wish to be sponsored.

Advertising banner on Rue du Commerce website

Banners on marketplace

To drive more traffic to your store, you can also ask the marketplace's advertising agency to display banners on strategic pages of the site (home page, category page, search results...). Invoicing is generally on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis.

Google Shopping

Social networking and Google campaigns

Visibility can also be gained outside marketplace. If you want to multiply your conversions, consider setting up marketing campaigns on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, for example) and on search engines like Google. In fact, you can easily connect your Rue du Commerce product sheets to the Google Shopping interface, so that your offers appear at the top of the Google search results and drive traffic.

Managing your sales on Rue du Commerce

You now have all the tools you need to sell on Rue du Commerce on a regular basis. If you want to be able to continue to grow your business over time, you need to be vigilant about your customer experience and stock management.

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Stock: a crucial issue

Always bear in mind that a customer who can't find your product in stock will turn to one of your competitors. If you want to keep your buyers loyal and regularly acquire new ones, you need to avoid stock-outs.
However, it's not uncommon for marketplaces to be plagued by payment delays. These platforms collect the money generated by your sales and only pay you periodically, deducting their commissions in advance. Depending on the platform, payment terms can be as long as 30 days. On Rue du Commerce, your money is paid out around 3 times a month. Your cash flow is therefore dependent on these rules, and you may run out of cash to buy back stock or develop new product ranges.

Our advice: opt for a cash advance solution connected to your marketplace like Qashflo. This allows you to receive a cash advance the day after your shipments, so you can keep your business going without waiting for payment from the marketplace.

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The importance of customer service

Customer service plays a crucial role in the e-commerce sector, as it has a direct impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand reputation. To ensure the long-term viability of your business, you need to establish high-quality communication with your prospects and customers. To guarantee this quality of service, marketplace makes it a prerequisite to become a salesperson that your customer service is managed in French.

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The role of customer reviews

A large proportion of consumers who buy on marketplaces are influenced by reviews, left by previous buyers. If you have many positive reviews, this will reassure your future customers and reinforce the reliability of your brand. If, on the other hand, you have many negative reviews, you risk losing potential buyers and seeing your sales stagnate or decline. Taking care of your customer service therefore has a direct impact on reviews, and therefore on your sales.

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