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Selling on marketplace is a strategic choice for many merchants. And for good reason: these platforms give them visibility with millions of visitors and regular conversions. But marketplaces aren't free. To become a partner seller, you need to pay a certain number of fees. In this guide, learn more about Rue du Commerce commissions and the selling costs you need to anticipate in order to prosper.

Overview of Rue du Commerce commissions and sales fees

How much does it cost to sell on Rue du Commerce? That's the question on the minds of many businesses considering a move to Rue du Commerce. Here's an overview of the selling costs found on most marketplaces.

Monthly subscription

On Marketplace Rue du Commerce, as on all marketplaces, you need to take out a subscription in order to become a professional seller. This enables you to activate your seller space and access the various features offered by the platform.

A commission on sales and management fees

In addition to the subscription fee, marketplace charges different fees for each sale made. You'll be charged a commission (a percentage of the item's sale price defined according to various criteria) and management fees (calculated according to the price of the item sold).

Other e-commerce selling expenses

Apart from the Rue du Commerce commission and the costs inherent in this marketplace, your online sales activity will entail other types of costs relating to storage, packaging, delivery, advertising and stock ordering.

Rue du Commerce subscriptions and commissions in detail

Rue du Commerce subscription

Rue du Commerce monthly subscriptions

The monthly subscription required by Rue du Commerce to access the partner seller platform is €40 incl. VAT/month.
This is essential to create your store on marketplace, import your catalog and start selling.

Management fees

Sur chaque article vendu, vous devrez également payer des frais de gestion. Ils sont calculés en fonction du prix de base de l’article. Par exemple : 0,25€ pour un produit < 10€ ou 2€ pour un produit < 300€.

Commissions Rue du Commerce

Commissions Rue du Commerce

On the commission side, Rue du Commerce remunerates itself through a percentage deducted from your sales. This ranges from 5% to 17% and depends on the category of the item and its condition at the time of sale (new, used, reconditioned, etc.).

Commissions and sales

Now you know all about the different Rue du Commerce commissions. But how do they work from an accounting point of view?

Commissions deducted from marketplaces' payments

As a reminder, the sales you generate via Rue du Commerce are not paid directly to you. marketplace collects the money and pays it to you periodically, around three times a month. At the same time, it deducts its various selling expenses. In this way, the sums you receive are different from those you bill to your customers.

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Commission management in accounting

From an accounting point of view, however, you must declare the amount invoiced to the customer exclusive of VAT as sales, even if this does not correspond to the amount received in your business bank account. The Rue du Commerce commissions retained by the platform should be entered in a specific expense account, to balance the transactions.

Other costs associated with e-commerce sales

In addition to the various Rue du Commerce commissions, you need to take into account other expenses related to your online sales activity.

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Logistics costs

Logistics costs are not negligible, and they are essential. Even if you charge shipping costs to your customers, these may only cover the delivery part of the order. For your part, you'll also have to pay for product storage and packaging.

You have your own storage space and manpower
In this case, you need to take into account the cost of renting or buying the storage space, whether or not it's on your premises. You'll also need to pay for the labor required to prepare the parcels, which will have an impact on your expenses.

You want to outsource logistics
Some sellers choose to outsource the logistics side of their business. They pay a service that takes care of storing, packing, shipping and delivering your orders. This saves you a considerable amount of time, since you're relieving yourself of a time-consuming part of your business. So you can concentrate on developing your business. On the other hand, this type of service is expensive. You'll have to pay storage costs calculated by M3 and shipping costs calculated on each order (notably by weight).

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Marketing budget

Implementing marketing actions is essential, and this expense item is sometimes neglected by sellers. Yet without advertising, there's no visibility, and without visibility, there are no sales. Set aside a comfortable communications budget to be able to implement various marketing actions: sponsored product campaigns, banner distribution, advertising on social networks or Google Shopping...

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Supply costs

To develop your sales and grow your business, you need to pay close attention to your inventory. Your objective: avoid stock-outs and buy new product ranges to continue your development.

Buying stock despite Rue du Commerce payment delay
How do you place orders with your suppliers when marketplaces don't pay you the money from your sales right away? This is one of the problems faced by merchants on marketplaces. Fortunately, you can turn to third-party solutions like Qashflo, compatible with Rue du Commerce and over 20 marketplaces on the market. This way, you can benefit from the cash advance linked to your sales as soon as the day after your shipments. Your cash flow is thus more regular than marketplaces' payments, and you can buy stock on a regular basis.

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