How do I calculate commissions on ManoMano?

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How much does it cost to sell on ManoMano? This is the big question on the minds of many sellers considering using marketplace to develop their business. To help you get a clearer picture, we've put together a comprehensive guide to ManoMano commissions and the various selling costs inherent in this platform.

Overview of ManoMano sales fees and commissions

To become a ManoMano partner seller, you'll need to cover the costs of registering and selling on the platform, as well as the various ancillary services.

Monthly subscription for professional vendors

To access marketplace ManoMano services, you must pay a monthly subscription fee. This allows you to access your seller's area, create your store and take advantage of the services offered by the platform.

ManoMano commission on sales

In addition to the monthly subscription fee, marketplace is paid on each of your sales. It collects a percentage that depends on various criteria, details of which you'll find in the rest of this guide.

More general e-commerce costs

More generally, managing online sales involves selling costs. Shipping costs, advertising costs, storage costs... Make sure you anticipate these and don't neglect them, so you can manage your business as effectively as possible.

ManoMano subscription and commissions

ManoMano subscription

Monthly subscription at €100 excl. tax/month

To start selling on ManoMano, you need to subscribe to the marketplace services. The subscription is the same for all sellers. You'll have to pay €100 (excl. VAT) per month to be able to put your products online, manage your orders, etc.

ManoMano Commissions

Sales commissions

The ManoMano sales commission charged on each transaction depends on the category of item concerned, as well as its condition (new, used, reconditioned). It ranges from 15% to 25% and is applied to the amount before tax. Each month, the platform pays you the money generated by your sales, deducting its commission beforehand.

ManoMano commission: what about sales?

If commissions are deducted by marketplace, sellers do bill their customers for the full amount. But what about declared sales? How do you break down the sums from an accounting point of view?

A reminder of how marketplace payments work

On marketplaces, as a general rule, you don't receive the money generated by your sales directly into your professional bank account. Your customers pay for their orders to marketplace, which collects and holds the money. marketplace then periodically pays you what you're owed, deducting its commission in the process. At ManoMano, you receive your cash once or twice a month at most.
This often creates a cash flow gap, as you have to wait for payments from the platform before you can reinvest your money in stock, advertising campaigns...

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Declaring ManoMano commissions and sales

On the accounting side, while it may seem complicated, it's actually quite simple. You must declare your sales invoiced to customers, even if marketplace actually pays you less, by deducting its commission. The amount of this commission will be declared in a specific expense account, to rebalance the result.

Other selling costs on ManoMano

In addition to the percentage of sales and the monthly vendor-partner subscription, there are other costs involved in running your e-commerce business.

Shipping costs

Logistics, shipping and delivery

To fulfill an order, you need to pack the merchandise, have it transported by a carrier and then deliver it to your end customer. Some sellers who have the necessary resources take care of this part themselves. They use well-known delivery services such as UPS, Mondial Relay, Chronopost, DHL, La Poste...

Other sellers are faced with such high order volumes that they can't store and manage the shipping of their parcels themselves. They therefore call on a third-party service to take care of it for them. Like Amazon Marketplace or Cdiscount Marketplace, ManoMano offers its own outsourced order management service, called ManoMano Fulfillment (MMF). Your items are stored in marketplace's European warehouses, and are packed and dispatched with each order.
This system saves you time and resources, and is invoiced according to the volume of products stored and the number of orders processed.

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Marketing costs

Communication and advertising can be major expenses. The more you invest in your visibility, the greater your chances of generating traffic to your ManoMano store and making sales. Sponsored product campaigns, Google shopping campaigns and social network banners are generally invoiced on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. You decide on the budget you want to spend and the maximum CPC you don't want to exceed, and the advertising agencies take care of allocating your budget according to the targets you've chosen.

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Stock replenishment

Selling costs also include managing your inventory. As a professional seller, you must always ensure that you have sufficient inventory to meet buyers' needs. Otherwise, they may turn to another seller.

How can you buy stock when ManoMano only pays you the money from your sales once or twice a month?
This is a major problem for sellers on marketplaces. Marketplaces pay out money from sales periodically. With ManoMano, you'll receive payment once a month, or twice if you opt for a specific option. This can leave you with an irregular cash flow, preventing you from investing in replenishment. It can also put the brakes on your ambitions if you want to develop new product ranges.
Fortunately, there are third-party solutions that can help you take advantage of cash advances and solve this problem. Qashflo, for example, enables you to collect cash the day after your shipments, to help you continue your development.

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