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Would you like to start selling online and rapidly expand your business? Registering on marketplaces is an excellent way to generate sales and increase your visibility among millions of active customers. If you want to sell on Cdiscount, you'll have to expect to pay specific fees for using this type of platform. Discover our practical guide to the Cdiscount commission and other selling fees.

Cdiscount commission: two types of sales fees

Like other marketplaces such as Amazon Marketplace or Back Market, Cdiscount has adopted a two-pronged remuneration system: a monthly seller's subscription and a Cdiscount commission on sales.

Monthly subscription paid by professional sellers

If you register to start selling on Cdiscount Marketplace, you'll have to abide by the platform's rules. First of all, the marketplace will charge you a specific monthly subscription fee to access all sales functionalities: order tracking, inventory management, shipping, advertising...

Cdiscount commission rate

In addition to the professional seller subscription, marketplace also charges a commission on sales. This is calculated according to your sales volume and the category of item sold.

Selling on Cdiscount: costs marketplace

Find out more about the actual rates charged by the marketplace (updated 2023).

Cdiscount subscription

Monthly subscription at €39.99 excl. tax/month

The price of the Cdiscount Marketplace pro seller subscription is €39.99 ex VAT per month. It allows you to add an unlimited number of products to your catalog. You are free to set your own prices and shipping costs.

Cdiscount commission rates

Average commission rate of 15% for new buildings

When a sale is made, the marketplace charges a commission on the price of the product, excluding VAT. The rate applied varies according to the category of item and its condition (new, reconditioned or used). The average Cdiscount commission is 15% for a new product.

New productsSecond-hand products
Current products15%17%
Jewelry (excluding glasses and watches)20%22%
Household appliances10%10%
Large Appliances8%10%
TV, Computers, tablets, PC screens, Printers & scanners, video projectors5%7%
Cell phones / Smartphones7%9%
Video game consoles8%10%
High-Tech & Computer Accessories12%14%
Examples of Cdiscount commission rates

Cdiscount commission & pro sales

You now know what the Cdiscount commission rate is. How is it taken into account from an accounting point of view? What are the payment deadlines for marketplace ? Continue the guide.

Payment terms on Cdiscount

When you sell on Cdiscount, you have to wait an average of 10 days, and up to 30 days, to receive the money in your company bank account. The marketplace collects payments from your buyers and pays them to you periodically through its commission.

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How do I declare my sales with Cdiscount commissions?

When you invoice a buyer for €500 plus VAT, the marketplace takes a Cdiscount commission that varies according to the product category. For a new household appliance, the rate is 10%. So, after 10 to 30 days, the platform will pay you €500 ex VAT - 10% = €450 ex VAT. In accounting terms, you'll be invoiced the full amount of the sale, i.e. €500 plus VAT. The €50 (excl. VAT) selling expenses will be categorized in a specific expense account.

Other fees on Cdiscount

In addition to the Cdiscount sales and commission fees, you'll need to pay other expenses to start selling online on this marketplace. These should be taken into account in your business plan to anticipate your expenses as a professional seller.

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Shipping and delivery costs

You have several options for managing your order shipments and storage:
Store your products yourself, prepare your parcels and use a carrier for delivery: Mondial Relay, DHL, La Poste, UPS, Chronopost, Relais Colis... In this case, the cost of shipment depends on the weight of the item and the brand chosen.
Use Cdiscount's Octopia Fulfillment service: your products are stored in Cdiscount warehouses and you can automate your shipments. You are billed for storage at around €15 / month / M3 (2022 rates). You then pay preferential shipping rates offered by the marketplace. Detailed rates can be found here.

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Cdiscount advertising costs

If you use the Cdiscount Advertising Sellers service, the platform says you can generate up to 14 times more sales. You can choose from three types of offer:

  • Tailor-made offer: a price calculated according to your needs for complete marketing support.
  • Turnkey Premium offer: you get budgets to use every month in digital marketing, plus other benefits and services. 6 rates from €80 excl. tax/month to €2,500 excl. tax/month, including seller pro subscription.
  • Unitary offer: you allocate the budget you want for sponsored product campaigns on Cdiscount. In terms of results, marketplace reports performance of the order of €1 spent = €7 in sales generated.
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Other advertising expenses

If you decide to use additional services to attract buyers to your Cdiscount store, you'll need to take into account additional costs. Services such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or Google Shopping have a Cost Per Click (CPC) system. You allocate the budget you want to your campaigns, determine your target and specify a CPC not to be exceeded when broadcasting. Each click to your product pages is then billed according to performance. The more clicks, the lower the CPC.

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Inventory procurement costs

When you start selling on marketplaces, you need to take into account the cost of stock replenishment. Without items, there are no sales, and without sales, there are no revenues. What's more, recurrent stock-outs can prevent you from retaining your buyers, and lead to financial losses.

How to manage stock despite the Cdiscount payment delay?
To develop your e-commerce business, you need to buy stock regularly and gradually expand your product ranges. But how can you do this when your cash flow is blocked for 10 to 30 days by marketplace before payment?
To meet this need, subscribe to a third-party solution like Qashflo. You'll benefit from a cash advance the day after your shipments. You can then continue to develop your business and repay the cash advance when you receive the money from Cdiscount. This type of service works on a monthly subscription basis, with a commission on the amounts advanced.

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