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Don't wait weeks to receive payment for your sales on marketplaces. Our Qashflo financing solution releases your payments every day!

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Sellers' preferred financing solution marketplace

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Find all your marketplaces' orders and their status. No need to connect to all your marketplaces.

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Follow the financing status of your sales in real time, according to their status. Find all your financial indicators.

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Take a strategic view of your financial situation. Track the financial flows of the various parties involved.

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View the performance of all your marketplaces, your latest payments, your open credit lines...

Optimize your cash flow and financing
Avoid stock-outs
Optimize your purchasing
Connect to more marketplaces
Improve your deliverability
Increase your sales and growth
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How do I activate our financing solution to start collecting payments on D+1?

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Test your eligibility

Fill in the Qashflo equilibrium form and receive a response to your eligibility within 24 hours.

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Create your account

Your Qashflo account is just a few clicks away! You're almost ready ...


Connect your marketplaces

Choose the marketplaces on which you'd like to activate Qashflo - it couldn't be easier!


Sell and receive cash advances

Here you go, collecting your first payments following the dispatch of your sales.

Boost your growth on marketplaces with our financing solution that accelerates your day-to-day payments

Qashflo, the unique accelerated payment solution, has already helped many sellers multiply their sales by x7 in just a few months. Here are some of the key features that make Qashflo the leading financing solution for sellers marketplace.

  • Ship today, get paid tomorrow
  • Eligibility confirmed in less than 24 hours
  • Tech solution for consulting daily financing
  • No long-term commitment
  • No Deposit Required

Are you ready to grow your sales much faster on marketplaces?

Ready to receive payment for your sales the very next day? Qashflo is the best technology and financial partner for your business.

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