The fees charged by Etsy are often complex to understand, which is why it's worth taking a look at the marketplace Etsy commissions for sellers.

Set-up costs for an online store on Etsy Marketplace

Etsy charges fees to sellers who wish to set up an online store on their marketplace. A one-off set-up fee of 15 USD (approx. 13.73 euros) may be charged. In all cases, the costs of setting up a store are specified in advance.

During registration and after confirmation of the fee, Etsy initiates a transaction on the seller's credit card. The transaction is processed once registration is complete and the store is open. If Etsy is planning promotional offers, the store opening fee may be waived.

Note that these fees do not include applicable taxes, in this case the 20% VAT applicable in France. In practice, taxes are visible from the seller's payment account and are deducted from sales.

Etsy commission percentage

Commissions for publishing your product sheets

marketplace Esty charges US$0.20 for the publication of a product listing on the online store. This product listing expires when the product is sold or after 4 months of publication.

Please note that this amount does not include 20% VAT. It must therefore be converted into the seller's national currency.

Percentage of Etsy sales

Etsy commissions on sales

marketplace Etsy charges commission on sales. Etsy specifies that the commission rate is 6.5% on sales, including VAT. This amount relates to the total cost paid by the customer, i.e. including shipping costs.

Please note that this rate is exclusive of tax. For a French seller, VAT of 20% must therefore be added, bringing the commission to 7.8% on each sale made on marketplace Etsy.

Advertising costs

marketplace Etsy offers tailor-made services to help sellers promote their stores and product listings. These include external advertising and advertising on the Etsy platform.

Overview Etsy Ads

Commission for advertising on Etsy

As a seller, you can purchase paid ads on marketplace by going to your advertising dashboard. You must then define the maximum budget you wish to spend on Etsy to promote your store or product listings. The fees charged do not exceed the maximum budget set. These fees are calculated on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis via bids invoiced in US dollars (USD).

Commission for external advertising

You can also entrust Etsy with the task of promoting your product listings or store to a number of partners, such as search engines and social networks. If a buyer clicks on the ad containing your product listing and then places an order within 30 days of that click, you'll be charged an advertising fee on these "attributed orders".

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The applicable fees depend on the amount of sales made in the previous year. The basic commission is 15% on allocated orders. However, the commission is 12% if your store's sales exceed USD 10,000 over the past year. If your sales subsequently fall below this threshold, the commission will continue to be 12% for the entire duration of your online store's existence.

Fees applicable to payments

Etsy charges commissions on payments. This means that sellers pay a sales commission for making marketplace available and a commission for accessing the payment. According to Etsy, payment fees are 0.30 euros and 4% of the total payment made. VAT must also be added.

Etsy Plus subscription fees

Sellers on marketplace Etsy can choose to subscribe to the Etsy Plus package. This membership entitles you to numerous store optimization tools, particularly useful for sellers who want to promote their brands.

The price of the Etsy Plus subscription is 10 USD per month, deducted directly from the monthly balance. Etsy reserves the right to apply local taxes in addition to the monthly subscription. Renewal is automatic on the same day every month. As an Etsy Plus subscriber, you receive USD 5 for your advertising on Etsy, which appears directly on your payment account. These credits can be used during the subscription period, otherwise they expire and cannot be transferred from month to month. What's more, this subscription entitles you to a discount on your choice of domain name hosting for the first year.

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