If you decide to become a seller on marketplace Zalando, you have a lot of leeway when it comes to setting and managing shipping costs. In fact, you can define your own delivery policies, including shipping costs.

Free product pricing

Free shipping rates

Shipping costs applied to buyers inevitably have an impact on sales, which is why it's a good idea to think about them in advance. On the Zalando markeplace, you can freely define the shipping charges applicable to each product sold. These charges can be fixed or determined according to various criteria, such as parcel weight, size or delivery address.

It's up to you to offer free delivery to your customers on certain products or when orders exceed a certain amount. Free delivery is often an opportunity to attract new customers and increase sales.

Map defining delivery options

Shipping costs and delivery options at marketplace Zalando

The amount of shipping charges applicable may vary according to the delivery option selected by the customer. In fact, you can set several amounts depending on the option chosen: delivery to a relay point, express and priority delivery or standard delivery. Customers wishing to have their parcel delivered express will have to pay higher shipping charges in return for the service provided.

In any case, bear in mind that shipping costs impact the competitiveness of your online store on Zalando Marketplace. Your sales strategy must therefore take this into account to strike a sufficient balance between competitive shipping costs and actual shipping costs.

Sender's overview of the order

Transparent shipping costs

If you have an online store on Zalando Marketplace, you need to be transparent about shipping costs. This means always mentioning these costs in your product ads, so that your customers know right from the start how much they're going to pay for delivery. This will prevent you from having to deal with disputes with your customers.

Easy returns interface

Zalando return shipping costs Marketplace

Sellers on Zalando Marketplace have to deal with return costs in addition to the cost of shipping the products. Zalando has its own returns policy, applicable to all partner sellers. In some cases, Zalando allows customers to return items without paying a return fee. In other cases, however, the seller will have to bear the cost, particularly if the item is damaged or if the seller has made a mistake. In these cases, the return costs are deducted from the sum received by the seller.

As a Zalando seller, you need to be able to process every product return on time. You also need to ensure that customers are reimbursed once you've received the items, and provide information throughout the process in a transparent manner. Your return policy and associated costs have a significant impact on customer satisfaction. Always be sure to communicate return costs clearly and unequivocally to your customers on marketplace Zalando.

Table of commissions

Shipping costs and Zalando commission

Zalando generally takes a commission on sales made by partner sellers marketplace. Shipping costs charged to customers can sometimes be included in the transaction amount used to calculate the commission. You should therefore always take applicable shipping costs into account in your financial strategy to ensure the sustainability of your profit margin as a seller.

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