Sales costs, a key factor in the profitability of Decathlon sales Marketplace

Selling on marketplace comes at a cost that should not be overlooked when becoming a partner seller. These fees represent a share of the costs associated with online sales, and must therefore be included in the calculation of the profitability of each sales operation.

Variable sales costs

At marketplace Decathlon, sales charges depend on a number of factors, such as category. The percentage range varies from 10% to 18% of the total sale amount. Several factors are taken into account in concrete terms:

  • the nature of the product offered,
  • the value of the product sold and its level of demand on the market,
  • the state of competition in the market.

Note that a high-margin product is often subject to higher commission charges than a low-margin product.

Decathlon variable costs

Example of sales charges on marketplace Decathlon

Here's a hypothetical example of a situation you might encounter on marketplace Decathlon, to give you a clearer idea of how sales charges are calculated. 

Let's imagine that Mr. X, a seller on marketplace Decathlon, offers a product worth €200. If the applicable commission fee is 15%, this means that he has to pay €30 commission to the platform for each sale made. As a partner seller, he therefore receives €170 (€200 - €30) from marketplace Decathlon.

Note, however, that this amount may vary according to other associated costs, such as integration and payment processing fees.

Example of charges

Impact of commission costs on Decathlon sales

In concrete terms, commission fees have a direct impact on the profitability of products offered for sale on Decathlon's marketplace website. Sellers must also take into account the one-off subscription fee of €40 per month paid to the platform, regardless of the number of products they offer online. These costs must be factored into the total budget, giving the seller an idea of the costs involved when freely determining the prices at which to offer his products for sale. This requires an in-depth analysis of the costs involved (costs associated with online sales, production costs, commission charges, etc.).

Tools to monitor sales performance on the marketplace

The marketplace Decathlon website offers unique tools for salespeople, enabling them to track their sales performance on the platform step by step. These features are extremely useful for adapting your sales strategy as required:

  • the special Decathlon salesperson dashboard, directly integrated into the salesperson account. It provides important information, such as the number of orders and actual sales, the best-selling products and the total sales achieved over a given period,
  • detailed sales reports with up-to-the-minute data,
  • third-party analysis tools with advanced features such as customized reports, dashboards and predictive analysis,
  • more global performance monitoring tools, to get an overall idea of what needs adjusting, particularly in light of market conditions and competition,
  • Decathlon support for sales partners and training sessions, not to mention webinars and documentation resources.

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